Fear and confession. Oliver Sim from The xx in “Hideous” reveals a lot

It has been known for some month that not only is something going on around The xx. Oliver Sim finally announced the first solo album. It will bear the title “Hideous Bastard” and we will see it in the first half of September. At the same time, the song “Hideous”, hosted by Jimmy Somerville, had … Read more

“At the Davos Economic Forum, there will be a lot of talk about geopolitics, since it is now what sets the course”

In Davos, Switzerland, on May 22, 2022. FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP DArmed police at every crossroads, a cordoned off city center, processions of limousines and helicopters: Davos has regained some of its usual rhythm, that of an improbable meeting of the greats of this world in a lost corner of the Alps Swiss. After two … Read more

THAT Doctor Strange 2 Cameo Could Have Been A Lot Different Had It Not Been For Covid-19

Although it might seem difficult, in just five months since it was released Spider-Man: No Way HomeMarvel has managed to pull off another movie with more cameos and more madness caused by parallel universes. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness brings back familiar faces but also introduces new characters that might not have been. … Read more

It costs a lot of golf with ad hoc cruises and the appointment as official cruise line of the Ryder Cup 2023

Costa Cruises is the Ryder Cup 2023 official cruise line: the most important team golf competition will take place for the first time in Italy, al Marco Simone Golf & Country Club of Rome, from 29 September to 1 October 2023. On the occasion of the announcement of this partnership, the company is also relaunching … Read more

Hannity’s text messages say a lot about her relationship with Trump

New images show severity of assault on Capitol 2:50 (CNN) — Okay, Sean Hannity, what are you going to do now that your text messages about the robbery on the Capitol and Trump’s conduct have been revealed? Hannity began her Tuesday night show on Fox News with a message to the “cowardly creatures of the … Read more

BAKKT Drops on PIPE Unlock, 2 Deals, and a lot of Red

————————–————————–Free Investor Resources from Boardroom Alpha————————–————————–** Podcast: Know Who Drives Return** Daily SPAC Newsletter** Full SPAC Listing The majority of the SPAC market dropped today along with the market. The average pre-deal SPAC is now trading back down to $9.82. SPAC warrants were hit hard as well and the average price for both pre-deal and … Read more

Taylor Swift drops new single and fans are having a lot of fun with the title

Bild: youtube / image / watson montage Now we finally know: Taylor Swift’s new album is out on August 23rd. And it’s called “Lover”. But it gets better, dear Taylor fans. On this Friday the singer released the next single including a video. “You Need To Calm Down” is the name of the new work. … Read more

You can spend the night in a building that looks a lot like Squid Game!

The incredible tracery that Squid Game participants must borrow to participate in the series’ deadly games does not exist in reality. On the other hand, one can find a building which closely resembles this astonishing structure. And you can even rent it on Airbnb! Fans of Squid Game, and they are millions, would pay dearly … Read more

Salzburg, the state of the troops, ambition, Gourvennec had a lot to say

Zapping But! Football Club LOSC: The Great Danes Europa League course Workforce update “We still have doubts. Sven Botman, it will be too fair, even if he trained with us. When we play every 3 or 4 days, it’s complicated. But hey, there will be less doubts than ‘before Monaco … “ Sanches and Bamba … Read more

Vladivojna La Chia – The lockdown period didn’t take anything from me, but it gave me a lot

Vladivojna La Chia does not like to stand in one place. And so he paints for a while, writes film or theater music for a while, then records an intimate record and other times he wears a hard band in his back. In addition, it is in one of the most beautiful states that women … Read more