William and Kate, the revelation about Charlotte and George: “They love Shakira”

Real and normal. I little principles of Cambridge, George and Charlotte, they quarrel like common brothers their age, despite the titles and the bon ton rule their lives. To affirm it is precisely the dad, the Duke of Cambridge, William, in his new podcast Apple+ Time to Walk, where he told one split morning walks … Read more

“Should we feel guilty if we love each other?” But she changes her strategy

A new dispute occurred in the house of the Gf Vip seemed to have put an end to the liason Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. But it seemed, because the gieffini have already clarified, with a romantic “Do we have to feel guilty if we love each other?” Pronounced in the night under the duvet … Read more

Mikha Tambayong’s Unique Story Involved in a Love Triangle : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mikha Tambayong has a new project in the film Langit Kala Senja. In the film titled Langit Kala Senja tells about a complicated love triangle relationship. Starring Refal Hadi, Omar Daniel, Mikha Tambayong and Hana Malasan. Mikha Tambayong, who plays the character Senja, admitted that the character he played did not suit him. … Read more

Post-pandemic love: research shows trends in relationships over the next year | Love and sex

João Bidu Newsroom Trends for love and relationships in 2022 Summary The pandemic has caused some changes in the world of dates, as research from the Bumble application reveals 59% of people on the app worldwide said they are now more honest with their partners about what they want In Brazil, users are even more … Read more

Natalia Téllez: When A Distant Cousin Tried To Make Her Fall In Love At The Same Funeral Of Her Mother

What happened with Natalia Tellez? Awaiting the soon birth of her daughter, the 35-year-old television presenter told, true to her irreverent style, the time that a distant relative flirted with her at her mother’s funeral, when she was just 15 years old, in Mexico. The celebrity recounted her uncomfortable experience on “Netas Divinas”, a program … Read more

“Millionaire Without Love”: The New Film By Actor Fabián Ríos

Famous for having participated in successful Colombian productions such as “Without breasts there is no paradise” ‚” Without breasts there is paradise “and” The end of paradise “, among others, the actor Fabian Rios continues to reap important achievements in his professional career in the world of acting. That is why he is now embarking … Read more

Exclusive! Watch Streaming Favorite Programs RCTI Love Bonds on Vision+ : Okezone Celebrity

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Nessie Judge’s Love Story, Accompany Bram Panji from Zero Ends Being Cheated on : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– YouTuber Nessie Judge recently became a public discussion. This is because his relationship with Bram Panji has ended. Not only that, ex-lover Nessie Judge It is suspected that they had an affair when they were still together. Even Bram is also rumored to be married to a woman called his mistress, Sarafina Ghasani who … Read more

” About Love ” Music From The Tiffany And Co Commercial With Beyoncé

Famous luxury jewelry designer Tiffany and Co presents his new collection in a sparkling pub. Diamonds, a couple of stars and to top it off, a legendary title « Moon River » of the diva Audrey Hepburn. ” About Love ” Tiffany and Co 2021 ad The advertising campaign of Tiffany and Co continues with a new … Read more