Cuban Actress Larisa Vega From Her Home In Florida: I Will Die Loving My Profession But Here I “live”

I have known her for many years, since we chatted at the ICRT hairdresser when we were both very young, she more than me. His permanent smile, his serene and sincere gaze, his low and sweet voice captivated all of us who went “on the air” with programs and newscasts or those who were going … Read more

Firm & Loving, This is the Mission Character in the Original Vision+ Virtual World Series: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – In the original Vision+ Dunia Maya series, Misya is Maya’s only sister but they have different characters and often fight because of differences of opinion. The following is a review of Misya’s character and traits: 1. Hardworking Girl As a first child, Misya has the demands of being an independent girl. Misya spends … Read more

Georgia family mourns Wyatt, a ‘loving and cheerful’ 5-year-old boy who died of covid-19

The vulnerability of children to covid-19 2:17 (CNN) — A family in Georgia is in mourning after a 5-year-old boy, described as having “nothing but pure love,” died just days after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Wyatt Gibson suffered a stroke and died July 16 at a Chattanooga, Tennessee hospital, where he was intubated because he … Read more