Lucas Paqueta, when “the impossible” almost becomes the norm with the luminous “soldier” from Lyon

At Parc OL, Two high-level matches chained in less than 48 hours, with 9,000 kilometers (and 10 hours) of travel, plus six hours of time difference, between one and the other. We would have liked to embark on a novel of anticipation about a World Cup for cyborgs in the year 4021 that we would … Read more

Bayern Coach Nagelsmann Has Lucas Hernández Despite A Prison Order

The former Atlético de Madrid player was sentenced to six months in prison for breaking a mutual restraining order with his then sentimental partner, after a strong dispute between the two in 2017 The coach of the Bayern Munich, Julian Nagelsmannsaid the French defender Lucas Hernandez is in his plans for the next two games, … Read more

Mercato | Mercato – PSG: This is how Leonardo missed the huge Lucas Paquetá coup!

Foot – Market – PSG Posted on September 20, 2021 at 9:10 p.m. by BC Despite OL’s defeat against PSG (2-1) this Sunday, Lucas Paquetá was one of the strongmen of the meeting. Leonardo can feed regrets by observing the brilliant course of the Brazilian on the side of Lyon, since the latter was one … Read more

“Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have loaded the movies” – Celebs.Cool

Enrique Herreros, Like José Luis Garci, he speaks of a world that no longer exists except in his memory. Or in the books and movies where the Gran Via it was a Hollywood branch, with 14 cinemas, 50 coffee shops, bookstores, and street vendors of fountain pens and taps. A time where you could find … Read more

11 things George Lucas has said about Star Wars since he left it – Celebs.Cool

George Lucas, the man behind the most important sci-fi franchise in history, has always been a singular character. The creator of War of the Galaxies He has been described as an introvert, but no opinion is saved if asked. As the popularity of The War of the galaxies Growing up and Lucas receiving intense comments … Read more

Captain America, Human Torch, Lucas Lee – Celebs.Cool

Marvel Studios There is no doubt that Captain America is one of the most iconic and recognized roles of Chris Evans. During the entire time that Chris played Steve Rogers, the actor had the opportunity to captivate audiences with one of the most beloved comic book superheroes in the world. However, being Captain America is … Read more

George Lucas is very sorry that he left Kathleen Kennedy in charge of Star Wars – Celebs.Cool

More than a rumor, we should call it an open secret. The creator of Star Wars really regrets leaving Kathleen Kennedy as president of Lucasfilm when he sold the company in 2012 to Disney, and that is that the production company not only betrayed George Lucas (THX 1138 – 88%, Summer Madness – 96%, Star … Read more