Elisa Seta lyrics and meaning of the new single by the singer-songwriter

Elisa Arrow text and meaning of the new single by the singer-songwriter out with per Island Records / Universal Music Italy. In recent days Elisa announced the release of his new unreleased track, the first from the album due out in 2022. Arrow, this is the title of the song, comes out Wednesday 24 November … Read more

Giordana Angi Passeggero meaning and lyrics of the new single

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Inder Dry Throat lyrics and translation of the song already viral after Amici 21

Inder Dry throat text, translation and audio. Released from the school of Friends of Maria De Filippi following a challenge, the student of Anna Pettinelli found out he went viral with his song Dry throat. Now the song is out on distribution There’s Music Italy. Class 2001, Inderpreet Singh, in art Inder, was born in … Read more

Easy On Me Lyrics, Adele’s Latest Single : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After more than half a decade of not releasing a work, Adele the golden voiced British musician has finally re-emerged with a single titled Easy On Me. Written in the midst of a tough divorce, this song has lyrics that explain to his son, Angelo, why his parents can no longer be together. … Read more

Sfera Ebbasta Triste lyrics and video of the new song in feat. with Feid

Sphere Ebbasta Sad text of the new piece in duet with Feid. As written who today, October 15, 2021, almost a year after the album Famous, disc of which all tracks have won certifications from FIMI / GfK, Ball Ebbasta added two tracks to the disc’s digital tracklist. After He lives let’s talk about the … Read more

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Peek Deep Lyrics No Longer Missing from Melisa Hart : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Finalist of the top 4 Indonesian Idol Special Season Melisa Hartanto or better known as Melisa Hart is back to greet her fans by releasing her first single. Under the auspices of the music label Hits Records, Melisa Hart released her first single “No Longer Missing”. Carrying the theme of sadness and sadness, … Read more