Apple 16-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro review: full of cores that make the difference

Apple has gotten us used to flawless build quality and that is obviously still the case with the 16in MacBook Pro M1. The design evolves compared to the previous generation and the 13-inch MacBook Pro M1, without however upending the codes. The anodized aluminum chassis is there, but it is more flattened. It gains a … Read more

Apple explains why the MacBook doesn’t have a touch screen or Face ID

After Apple presented the new MacBook M1 equipped with SoC Max and M1 Pro, many asked why Face ID technology was not put on the notch, as it is one of the most advanced systems for user identification. In addition, Apple could have taken the opportunity to put the screens of touch-sensitive Macs, something that … Read more

Brazil has the most expensive prices for the new MacBook Pro and AirPods

Apple yesterday introduced a series of new products for the line of MacBooks Pro, AirPods and HomePod. In addition, it renewed the offer on its music service and announced some more new features in its software. Despite the shine that these products bring to the market, their price is always premium and differs from country … Read more

MacBook Pro 16 adapter is Apple’s first to use gallium nitride

If there’s one area where Apple is (wisely, in general) being cautious, it’s with its AC adapters. The manufacturer is never the first to adopt new technologies and prefers to ensure their safety above all else. This explains why there was still no Apple Gallium Nitride Adapter, or GaN for close friends. This is now … Read more

Apple brings MagSafe 3 to the new MacBook Pro… old and good habits!

This is an important new feature. As presented at the event, the new MacBooks Pro, in addition to the powerful SoC that equip them, also bring MagSafe 3. Going back a bit, this technology was introduced in the MacBook Pro in January 2006. MagSafe is the technology that enables that the socket connects to the … Read more

“Hang in there”, because Apple announces overpowered MacBook Pros and AirPods 3

Apple kept its word: you had to be well hooked to follow this short but intense special event of which here are the main announcements. Apple Music Voice Plan: a cheaper option for Apple Music To conquer a larger audience, Apple will launch a new formula of Apple Music. For € 4.99 / month instead … Read more