“Mad Max: Fury Road” On TF1 Séries Films With Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron – Bulles De Culture

To share On television this evening on TF1 Séries Films and in streaming: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) by George Miller with Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Nicholas Hoult and Zoë Kravitz as the cast. Info and opinion from Bulles de Culture on this post-apocalyptic road movie rebroadcast from Sunday, November 21. Mad Max: … Read more

LOSC (2-1): we know more about the injury of Messi, Leonardo mad with rage!

Zapping But! Football Club PSG: the 10 biggest sales of the Red and Blue Author of the decisive pass for the equalizer of Marquinhos (74th) and the second Parisian goal with a flat left foot low to the ground (88th), Angel Di Maria was the hero of the victory of Paris Saint-Germain this Friday against … Read more

SpaceX’s Space Tourism: “A Mad Trip” – Participants Back on Earth

fromTim Vincent Thick conclude On board there was pasta, sweets and a phone call with Tom Cruise: Now the four space tourists: inside the SpaceX mission “Inspiration4” have landed back on earth. Cape Canaveral – Three days in space: This was the experience of four space tourists from the US space company SpaceX. Now they … Read more

“A horde of men gone mad rushes at women” – BZ Berlin

Karin Hendrich This is what happened in Berlin: young women grab each other, drag them into a car, rape them, sometimes for hours. Again and again. One of the worst of them: Mohammed T. (28), hairdresser from Iraq, father of three. On Friday he received the sentence from the regional court for this: ten and … Read more

Formula E, Berlin: And everything Mercedes took after a mad dash

What we saw in Berlin was close to unbelievable. The last race of the year in Formula E gave us drama the likes of which we would never have expected, with candidates being left out and Nyck de Vries managing to secure the title, as did Mercedes. The start of the race was dramatic, with … Read more

Mad Max: Tom Hardy Is Excited About Imperator Furiosa Spin-off

Mad Max: Fury Road O Fury road, the rebirth of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic saga, was one of the films most Oscar-winning and applauded of their time. Due to his irreproachable success, it is well known to all lovers of the film that his universe will expand with him. next spin-off focused on the character of … Read more

The poster and tickets for Mad Cool 2018, the biggest festival in Spain | Miss Festivals

Artic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White Y Depeche Mode They will be in charge of leading the Mad Cool 2018 that will be held next July in Madrid. The revelation event of European music in 2016 continues to announce who will be the participants of the next edition through a … Read more

Right Out Of The Mad Max Movie, Comes The R101, An Electric Off-road UTV

Battle Approved Motors he says his electric SUV, R101, is what would result from the mescal of a Ferrari with a Tesla. And at first glance, it’s hard to disagree, as the fledgling startup just unveiled a new spooky off-road racing four-wheeler with no harmful emissions. The small but powerful UTV concept, known as R101, … Read more

Mad Cool 2018 in pictures

Three long days with almost a hundred concerts that were seen by tens of thousands of people. Also a lot of noise, chaos and heat. The biggest festival in Spain, the Mad Cool, was held for the first time in our district, and our colleagues Javier Portillo Y Sandra White They toured the pits of … Read more