Faced with “the exceptional nature of Corsican banditry”, magistrates want to create an anti-mafia pole

COLCANOPA Morale is at half mast within the justice in charge of fighting Corsican organized crime. In early 2020, a confidential report was sent to the Chancellery to defend the creation of an anti-Mafia pole with special powers, in order to roll back a scourge that challenges the authority of the State over part of … Read more

Eric Dupond-Moretti implicates a union of magistrates

Eric Dupond-Moretti at a government question session on September 15 at the National Assembly in Paris. MARTIN BUREAU / AFP “Extremely serene” : this is the feeling expressed by the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, after the long search carried out Thursday in his offices at the Ministry of Justice. In the Sunday Newspaper … Read more