UK and NASA join forces on new mission to study ‘magnetic bubble’ around Sun

Scheduled to launch in 2025, the US-led mission will be crucial for future human exploration of the Moon and Mars, and could also improve the UK’s space weather monitoring capability and our understanding of potentially damaging solar flares. As part of the agreement, Imperial College London will design and build one of the Interstellar Mapping … Read more

Surprising Standing Waves at Edge of Earth’s Magnetic Bubble Found in NASA Data

An animated illustration of magnetospheric waves, in light blue. At the front of the magnetosphere, these waves appear to be still. Credit: Martin Archer/Emmanuel Masongsong/NASA Earth sails the solar system in a ship of its own making: the magnetosphere, the magnetic field that envelops and protects our planet. The celestial sea we find ourselves in … Read more

University of Iowa conducts research on magnetic fields in space

Iowa has long been a favorite place for scientists to gaze up at the night sky and think. But often, the questions raised by studying space usually lead to as many questions as answers — if not more. “It seems like with science, or at least this kind of science, every time you do an experiment it opens up new questions … Read more

Magnetic helmet shrank a malignant tumor in the world’s first test

Technology has often been a powerful ally in the various fields of medicine. In fact, we already know many devices capable of detecting a multitude of diseases, as well as acting against them. This time, in a world premiere, a magnetic helmet managed to reduce a malignant tumor. The device can be easily operated at … Read more