‘Squid Game’ Revelation Hoyeon Jung Reveals His Sudden Popularity

After midnight, Hoyeon Jung still receives text messages from friends, family and contacts from many agencies. She is surprisingly independent and answers all questions herself. “I’ve been working for so long,” she said, one phone in hand, the other in her lap. I’m used to lugging around from castings to fittings, to going on sets. … Read more

The Beauty of Celine Evangelista with Flawless Makeup, Netizens: Raise Me to Be Your Child : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celine Evangelista has a beauty that often steals the attention of netizens. Moreover, when he appears wearing makeup, his face looks more perfect many times. In addition, he also often shares his activities through uploading photos on his personal Instagram account @celine_evangelista. Like the upload when she was made up by a professional … Read more

Forecasts for 2022: the makeup color for each sign at the turn of the year – Glamor Magazine

+ Have you thought about the looks of the turn? And on make? To make your choice easier, we invited chromotherapist Solange Lima, from Personare, to suggest the best shade for each sign. It was based on the opportunities foreseen for 2022, highlighting the nuance capable of maximizing the achievement of goals in the new … Read more

Adele’s Makeup: Everything the singer has been wearing!

Adele, what a woman, what a voice, what a monument! The 30th era came and along with that some classic and insurmountable factors that reinforce its beauty: that impeccable old hollywood hair and that IMPECCABLE makeup, with a well-made face and without a pore showing and the outline remains more powerful and striking than Never. … Read more

in the viewfinder this time her make-up. “They are not inclusive”

Chiara Ferragni has launched its new line of tricks: and it is immediately controversial. The first make-up line signed by the digital entrepreneur, available in all stores and on the e-commerce of perfumeries Douglas (in Italy, Spain and Portugal), as well as on the official website of the influencer has been on the market for … Read more

Cristina Ferreira’s makeup artist justifies white spots in the presenter’s eyes: “Get informed before criticizing” – Nacional

One of the photographs posted by Cristina Ferreira to celebrate her 44th birthday created controversy, after the presenter’s dark circles appear with a whitish color, leading to harsh criticism of make-up work. In the first person, makeup artist Inês Franco, responsible for the look, refutes the gossip: “There’s a fuss of people criticizing my work … Read more

The Dresses, Makeup, Ceremony And More Details Behind Tanya Charry’s Romantic Wedding

Read transcript there seem to be problems with theconnection. u had theopportunity to be there.maity: i decided to go to massbecause it has a veryspecial for you, for tania,we made a retreat together and thisfriendship takes us until agoa few years, many years nowwith that the race began.I was very happy to see Taniaparade there, … Read more

Iis Dahlia Cleopatra’s make-up on the GTV Dream Microphone : Okezone Celebrity

NIGHT this Tuesday 3 August at 21.00 WIB, the GTV Dream Microphone will be back to treat the longing of the loyal GTV viewers. The return of the Dream Microphone, there is a different theme in each episode as a novelty. Tonight, the theme that will be taken is “Dream Kingdom”. With the adoption of … Read more

Wearing a mask, new make-up trends… The beauty market is looking gloomy

POÏPOÏ A beautiful red to highlight her smile, and a hint of Botox to fill in her wrinkles. Americans have rediscovered the pleasure of making themselves beautiful. Since the lifting of the obligation to wear a protective mask in the street, after weeks of confinement, sales have soared in the United States. Anti-wrinkle injections jumped … Read more