GF Vip, Soleil in crisis after the entry of Delia. Kabir urges: “You have to admit the truth”

Chaos after the entrance by Delia Duran in House. The episode of yesterday evening, which ended with the entry of Alex Belli’s wife, threw him into a deep crisis Soleil Rises, your “enemy“. The contestant had a emotional breakdown before taking a long one chat with the wise Kabir Bedi who, with words sorry and … Read more

Manuel’s gaffe live with his brother Kevin

Tonight after the quarrels and the pulling of the ears it is time to think about love. The protagonist of an exciting moment is Manuel Bortuzzo. The former swimmer who is now happy and serene next to his Lulu tonight at Gf Vip received a visit from his younger brother Kevin. Very similar to him, … Read more

deadlocked Soleil and Basciano

Days of fire in the house after i new entries. While Biagio D’Anelli was immediately approached a Miriana Trevisan, Alessandro Basciano is getting closer and closer to Soleil Sorge. Although in the last hours between Biagio and Miriana there have been looks ed effusions, they managed to hold back passion and resisting the temptation to kiss. But … Read more

«In the house, all fake couples. And Ricciarelli is recommended “

No brake for Jo Squillo. The activist e conductor Milanese, a guest on Radio Radio in the show It will not happen anymore, she returned to talk about Big Brother Vip 6, attacking many of the competitors still in the race. In his sights it’s over Katia Ricciarelli, with whom in the House he had … Read more

Gf Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo before leaving he declares to Lulu: “I love you baby”

Manuel Bortuzzo e Lulu Selassiè are more and more a pair. Between the two is love broke out, there are no more doubts. Three months after the start of the adventure of Big Brother Vip and after a troubled relationship made up of ups and downs, the two roommates are now one inseparable couple. Read … Read more

“As soon as you leave, I kidnap you, you are mine”

Manuel Bortuzzo changes his mind and gets closer to Lulu Selassié. After weeks spent pushing her away, addressing her even with rude words that often hurt the competitor of the Big Brother Vip, the swimmer seems to have retraced his steps and is also unbalanced with important phrases. Read also> GFVip, furious Alex Belli loses … Read more

“I’ve been a gentleman for three months.” She desperate

Gf Vip, Manuel unloads Lulu and sends her in nomination: «I’ve been a gentleman for three months». The Sellasiè disperata. Couple officially at the terminus. Bortuzzo can no longer feel bad because of the constant quarrels, Lulù seems to take it well … but it is not like that. read also> GF Vip, Alex admits … Read more

Gf Vip, Lulu does not give up with Manuel and writes him a letter. Then he blurts out with his sister

Lulu Selassiè tona to attack. After the outburst of Manuel Bortuzzo who has definitively put an end to the story with the princess and the teasing of Alfonso Signorini who in the last episode of the Gf Vip told Lulu to stop stalking the former swimmer chasing him everywhere, Lucrezia still does not give up. … Read more