How Mark Zuckerberg Created Facebook And What Are The Claims He Faces In America

Thus arose Facemash, but success and trouble came together. The primitive social network became a sort of catalog for students – especially women – thinking of appointments or personal contacts. But the problem was that the photos and profiles of two girls were presented and the students “voted” or rated them. The topic reached the … Read more

Film Uncharted: But Why Does Mark Wahlberg Not Have A Mustache?

The first Uncharted movie trailer has been released. This one is packed with action, it is explosive, but it lacks one thing in particular: a mustache. The film Uncharted has often been mentioned, its production having experienced a number of problems. He changed his vision, date, director, screenwriter, cast… But now, these worries are behind … Read more

Criticism of Infinite, the new sci-fi movie starring Mark Wahlberg

Review of Infinite, the new science fiction film directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Eijofor and Sophie Cookson. Premiere on Prime Video on October 22, 2021. Fresh out of the oven, we need to talk about Infinite, a film originally intended for commercial theaters that has ended up being released, through the … Read more

Uncharted: first eventful making-of for the film with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg

News culture Uncharted: first eventful making-of for the film with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg Published on 10/22/2021 10:18 AM After a hell of a period of hesitation (of a few years, to tell the truth), the movie Uncharted is finally decided to move up a gear. After yesterday’s trailer, Sony is releasing today a … Read more

Why Is Mark Zuckerberg Going To Rename Facebook?

Recent events have markeda turning point for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is ready to make a clean slate under a different nomenclature, which would be announced on October 28 as part of the annual ‘Connect’ broadcast. According to the specialized mediumThe Verge,the ‘rebranding’ would not affect the social network itself, but the company as a … Read more

Washington Attorney General Indicts Mark Zuckerberg For Cambridge Analytica Case

Misfortunes never come alone. If Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook can say that October has been a horrible month for them, it only remained for Karl Racine, Washington’s attorney general, to announce yesterday that he had included Zuckerberg – in a personal capacity – in his lawsuit against Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica case. . It … Read more

Facebook Will Change Its Name To Make Way For Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

Key facts: Facebook, the social network, would become one more product of the business metaverse. The new name of the technology company is still kept secret. Facebook will change its brand name to one that reflects CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s approach to the metaverse it intends to turn the company into. According to information released by … Read more

The Unusual Coincidence That United Mark Zuckerberg With His Wife, Priscilla Chan

It is already known that Mark Zuckerberg has an introverted personality. Precisely that particularity was the kick that led him to the creation of Facebook and that made him a billionaire. The not so well known fact is the way in which he first crossed paths with his now wife, Priscilla Chan, and mother of … Read more

All About Zhang Yimin, The Chinese Mark Zuckerberg, And The Tech Giant Behind TikTok’s Success

By now, we all know who is behind the Facebook empire. Nevertheless, Who’s behind the biggest competition from Mark Zuckerberg today? TikTok has managed to change the rules of the game for social networks and, in a short time, it has been among the most active with titans such as Instagram, YouTube or WhatsApp. As … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg Tries To Undermine The Authority Of The Facebook Whistleblower (Analysis)

This is how the fall of Facebook affected virtual stores 3:08 (CNN) — Hours after Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before Congress about the danger the social network poses to children and democracy, Mark Zuckerberg took to the platform he built and posted a 1,300-word tirade to try to undermine your position.Their main argument was … Read more