“Squid Game”. Why the current Netflix series is not (just) a killing game

After BTS and K-Pop, after Parasite and its Oscar for best film, here is the new Korean creation that is panicking the planet: Squid Game. The series, broadcast on Netflix since September 17, is at the top of the most-watched programs on the streaming platform in no less than 90 countries. “It could well become … Read more

In South Africa, the gaping wounds of the “Phoenix massacre”

A Democratic Alliance (DA, opposition) sign saluting the “heroes” behind the October 6, 2021 Phoenix massacre. RAJESH JANTILAL / AFP Phoenix, about 25 km north of Durban, in Kwazulu-Natal: 180,000 inhabitants, mostly of Indian origin. On the hill opposite, Inanda, a black township. The place has everything of a small quiet town in South Africa: … Read more

Massacre of October 17, 1961, tributes to Samuel Paty… the information to remember from the weekend

Did you pick up the news? We have summarized the top five information from the past two days for you. Emmanuel Macron recognizes the “inexcusable” crimes of October 17, 1961 Emmanuel Macron participates, on October 16, 2021, in a ceremony in tribute to the victims of the violent repression of a demonstration of Algerians, on … Read more

Sixty years after October 17, 1961, in Paris, the Algerian diaspora demands “the truth” about a “colonial massacre”

Demonstration of the Algerian diaspora in Paris, October 17, 2021, sixty years after the repression of a demonstration which had made dozens of deaths. CHRISTOPHE ENA / AP They put on their Sunday best, mimicking their elders sixty years ago. Wise tie, white shirt, jacket without pleats and of course the workers’ cap of the … Read more

In Ecuador, state of emergency in prisons after the worst prison massacre in the country

Families of detainees await news outside the Littoral prison in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on Thursday, September 30, 2021. JOSE SANCHEZ / AP In Latin America, prison massacres follow one another and worsen. Tuesday, September 28, it was the Littoral prison, in the Ecuadorian port of Guayaquil, which was the scene of unspeakable violence. At least 118 … Read more

At least 116 dead in the worst prison massacre in Ecuador, linked to Mexican cartels | Univision Latin America News

“The balances at the moment tell us that there are 116 dead and about 80 injured. They are all persons deprived of liberty“, informed President Guillermo Lasso in his last press conference in Guayaquil, where he led a security committee to control the emergency. Lasso, who assumed power in May, considered it “regrettable that the … Read more

Random Massacre: The Story of the Family Killed in Lakeland, Florida by an Unknown Man | Univision News Events

In the early hours of Sunday, a man entered the home of an unfamiliar family in Lakeland, Florida, and perpetrated a massacre in which four people died, including a baby of only three months while his mother, also murdered, held him in her arms. Only an 11-year-old girl managed to survive, who is in critical … Read more

A double terrorist attack causes a massacre in Afghanistan with US soldiers among the fatalities Telemundo

A double terrorist attack in one of the accesses to the Kabul airport caused a massacre this Thursday, among whose victims are American soldiers, just hours after the United States and its allies in Afghanistan warned of the “imminent” threat of terrorist attacks during the evacuation of its troops and Afghan refugees. “We can confirm … Read more