Beatles Vs. Stones: Mick Jagger Responds To Recent Comments From Paul McCartney

The media dispute between Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney continues to give something to talk about, and this time it was his Satanic Majesty who fought back with a bit of humor and elegance. Recently, Macca offered an extensive interview to The New Yorker where, among other things, he reflected on the imperishable legacy of … Read more

Paul McCartney On The Rolling Stones: “They’re Just A Blues Cover Band”

It seems that the battle between who is the best rock band of all time, the Rolling Stones o go Beatles, It will never end; and recently Paul McCartney stoked the fire of rivalry in a new interview, in which he assured that the Stones son “Just a blues cover band” 🥊. Recently, Macca offered … Read more

Paul McCartney: “John Lennon is to blame for the breakup of The Beatles”

In light of Peter Jackson’s upcoming three-part documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” and the release of the annual reissue of “Let It Be”, the latest album, speculation is re-emerging about what happened with the end of the Liverpool Four. Not everything that is translated must be so completely true. People may believe that Paul McCartney … Read more

“I Did Not Instigate The Division”: Paul McCartney Reveals Who Was Responsible For The Controversial Breakup Of The Beatles

The separation, more than 50 years ago, of The Beatles, considered by many to be the most influential group in the history of music, has been a matter of debate to this day. Recently, Paul McCartney, a former member of the legendary Liverpool quartet, dusted off the issue and assured that, contrary to what some … Read more

Rolling Stones Drummer Dies, Elton John to Paul McCartney Grieving: Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS – The death of Charlie Watts, the drummer for the Rolling Stones, has brought grief to the musical entertainment scene. Expressions of condolences also flowed from world musicians. One of them is Elton John through his personal Twitter account. He displayed an old photo with Watts while adding a caption that described his … Read more

Paul McCartney was vaccinated against Covid-19: “Relax and get vaccinated”

Paul McCartney was one of the first figures in music to acknowledge his intention to receive the vaccine against Covid-19. In December, the musician revealed the details in an interview with Radio 4 of the BBC. “Yes I will and I would like to encourage people to receive it too. There are people against vaccines, … Read more

The Beatles: Paul McCartney tells about the fights and difficult relationship with John Lennon

The Beatles were a world-renowned British rock band which became the most critically acclaimed band in the history of popular music and rock music. Its beginnings were in Liverpool and it was constituted by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Today, more than fifty years later, one of its members has decided … Read more

Ringo Starr, 81 Years Later: His Best Moments as a Beatles Drummer | John Lennon | Paul McCartney | ARE

According to the criteria of Know more Although his name has long been among the greats, for his talent and influence, the worth of Ringo Starr as a musician he did not become a consensus in his time. The beatle himself came to doubt himself. He was not sure of his place alongside such gifted … Read more

The Beatles: Who Was Paul McCartney And John Lennon’s Favorite Singer

Paul McCartney Y John Lennon They have been among the most revered singers and composers in popular music, but this does not imply that they themselves did not have their own idols. It is known that Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan were some of his heroes and great influences, as well as classical music was … Read more