Booba comments on the Brahim Bouhlel affair and once again claims “Validated”

He takes the opportunity to provoke Frank Gastambide … The trial of Brahim Bouhlel in Morocco did not take place and was postponed to April 21. Booba, always so provocative took advantage of the announcement of the postponement to make fun of the actor of “Validated” and Frank Gastambide at the same time. For a … Read more

Medina Zein Enemy Marissya Icha Shows Off Rp500 Million Diamond Wholesale: No Falsehood : Okezone Celebrity

MEDINA Zein has just bought up a diamond worth IDR 500 million at a well-known jewelry store which is said to have become a subscription for Indonesian artists. The enemy of Marissya Icha immediately showed off the diamonds without any fakes. It turned out that the celebgram as well as the entrepreneur deliberately showed off … Read more

his alleged killer will surrender

This is rather unusual information. On November 17, rapper Young Dolph was shot and murdered outside a cookie store. Another tragic and violent death in the history of the US rap game, which deprives the city of Memphis of one of its most active and generous citizens. A real loss for the inhabitants of the … Read more

Magaly Medina To Yahaira Plasencia: “Imagine Promoting A Concert And Only 14 People Have Bought A Ticket”

The driver Magaly medina was surprised by the decision of Yahaira Plasencia to postpone his two concerts scheduled for this week; however, in his ATV program he made it clear what would be the real reason for his decision. As revealed by the presenter of “Magaly TV, la firma”, Yahaira Plasencia not only postponed his … Read more

How Hope Mars mission put the Arab world back in the space exploration game

DUBAI: One small step for the UAE came as a giant leap for the Arab world last February when the UAE became the first Middle East nation to mount a successful unmanned mission to Mars. According to one NASA scientist, the region has shown that it has immense potential in space exploration. The UAE probe, … Read more

Young Thug thinks French rappers are petty bourgeois

The American rapper loses an opportunity to be silent. It’s a video that went viral on Twitter. Invited to express himself on rap as it is seen and done in other countries, Young Thug proved his lack of culture by explaining that the French and English rappers were bourgeois who did nothing hot in the … Read more

After the drama of domestic violence, Medina Zein chooses to make peace with Lukman Azhari : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Medina Which decided to make peace with Lukman Azhari, after exposing the violence committed by her husband. This was revealed by the 29-year-old celebrity through Insta Story, on October 20, 2021. “All done. And we both have forgiven each other. I realize that there will always be problems in the household. It’s not … Read more

Medina Zein Police Again, Buying and Selling Luxury Bags Ended in Misfortune : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Medina Which again reported the enemy to the police. This time, it was Crazy Rich Surabaya’s turn, Uci Flowdea, who reported the celebrity to the Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta, on Monday (11/10/21). Lukman Azhari’s wife was reported on suspicion of a criminal act of coercion with threats of violence through electronic media … Read more

Gouveia e Melo says goodbye; Lisboetas fed up with Medina

Ohe results of the municipal elections remain the dominant theme on Tuesday’s newspaper covers. O Newspaper states that “Rui Rio silences critics and gains room for the legislative ones” and presents the new faces of local power. already the Morning mail he speaks of “Electoral shock”, referring that the elections require a reshuffle and that … Read more

Medina confidently climbed three floors to deliver a rose but was insulted. Coins heard screams of victory but had to introduce himself

Paiva Couceiro Square was the starting point for Fernando Medina’s traditional campaign street and there was no lack of t-shirts or flags decorating the around 50 supporters of the president of the CML, as soon as the first saxophones and trumpets began to be heard. play the famous march, “Lá vai Lisboa”. The bus arrives … Read more