black midi covers Taylor Swift on the surprise EP Cavalcovers available now

The experimental rock band releases today Cavalcoversa mini album that follows Cavalcade appeared last year. There are covers of Taylor Swift, King Crimson and Captain Beefheart. As indicated by his name, black midi embarked on covers with Cavalcovers. It all started last year, when the band recorded five covers. The choice of these songs was … Read more

The Black Midi cavalcade will conquer Smíchov in Prague for the second time

“Sound scientists keep wondering,” announces the title of the review of the new album Black Midi. The London experimenters will arrive in Prague for the second time on May 15, 2022. The concert, organized just like two years ago by Heartnoize Promotion, will take place in the nearby MeetFactory instead of Underdogs. Black Midi will … Read more

Premiere: MIDI PEOPLE set out in nature for the song “The Thing”

Instead of a video for another single from one of the two MIDI LIDI records released this year, they surprised: they went out into nature together and recorded a clip for the new song “The Thing”. The work is part of the “Apology” project, in which the band apologizes for too much released music. The … Read more

Bruno (Les 12 coups de midi): this crazy challenge met live with Franck Provost

Something promised, something due. For his 200th participation, Bruno agreed to take up a challenge alongside Franck Provost in the 12 strokes of noon, this Saturday, August 14. After dethroning Eric by winning the title of the greatest winner in the history of 12 midday shots, Bruno had the right to celebrate its 200th participation … Read more

“Love is not a buffet, so don’t act like an ox,” MIDI PEOPLE announce

MIDI PEOPLE surprised their fans at the beginning of June, when they released two records – “No one will laugh at you if you like people” and “Heal The World, finally!” Now they have been reaching out to fans with a successful clip from the first-named album. The film “Love is not a buffet” refers … Read more