For bookstores, an astonishing miracle linked to the pandemic

Lucie Eple, co-manager of the bookshop Le pied à terre, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, on November 20, 2021. RAFAEL YAGHOBZADEH / HANS LUCAS FOR “THE WORLD” They are fourteen installed in a classroom in Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne). Aged in their early thirties to their fifties and coming from all professional backgrounds, from industry to … Read more

“Doctor Miracle”: Suna Korman, The Character Who Enters The Final Stretch Of The Series

Who is Suna Korman? The Turkish soap opera “Miracle doctor”Is nearing its end but surprises will not be lacking in its last episodes. “Mucize Doktor” will now have the appearance of said character, played by Ada Mina Küçük, who will reveal a great paternity secret to give a little more drama to the final stretch … Read more

“It’s a miracle,” but then he throws the dig. Here’s what happened

Georgette Polizzi confirmed his pregnancy. After the previews on the weekly “Chi”, the designer admitted to being expecting a baby with her husband Davide Tresse. In the past Georgette had talked about her illness, multiple sclerosis, and the fact that this had also brought her infertility, so as to make it impossible for her to … Read more

He has already caught up with a deficit – will Laschet manage the turning point miracle with Merkel? – Domestic policy

With a brilliant final spurt in the last few days, Armin Laschet (60, CDU) surprisingly won the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017 – and became Prime Minister! Now Laschet wants to become Chancellor – and is relying on the winning strategy from back then. Eleven days before the election. ► As in 2017, … Read more

Doctors said it’s ‘a miracle’ Benfica’s former striker is alive

Eduardo Pedrosa Costa Today at 12:05 Raúl Jiménez revealed in an interview with the English press that doctors told him it was a miracle he was alive, having fractured his skull in an incident in a game against Arsenal last season. Last season, the Premier League experienced one of the scariest moments. In the match … Read more

A crazy match and a small miracle for the Blues! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (France 4-3 Af. Du Sud) – Football

Lead three times to the score, the France team snatched the victory at the end of the match against South Africa (4-3), this Sunday, for its second meeting in the Olympic Games. Gignac scored a hat-trick to keep his team alive. Gignac scored a hat-trick against South Africa Corrected by Mexico (1-4) when entering the … Read more

Nothing But Thieves announce with great single “Miracle, Baby” EP “Moral Panic II”

The British band Nothing But Thieves last year came up with the third line-up of “Moral Panic”, which fit very well into the pandemic period. Since the formation had enough time for clear reasons, it immediately started to create more. And the result is a slightly shorter sequel – an EP called prosaically “Moral Panic … Read more