Disagree with Gala Sky being treated by Aunt Ardiansyah’s younger siblings, Nikita Mirzani: Emotions are still unstable : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actress Nikita Mirzani disagree if Gala Sky is fully treated by Aunt Ardiansyah’s siblings, namely Fuji and Fadly, when the custody of the one-year-old child falls into the hands of Faisal, Vanessa Angel’s father-in-law. “If you adopt a child, it’s better to take care of your aunt’s parents, not to her sister, not … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Says There Is A Family Of Famous Musicians Escaped From Quarantine, Sindir Ahmad Dhani? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Nikita Mirzani recently joined in on the case of Rachel Vennya’s escape from quarantine. Through his social media accounts, the Comic 8 film star also satirized Rachel Vennya’s polite behavior until finally the mother of two was released from prison. This time, Nikita Mirzani spoke again after hearing that there were families of famous … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Calls Doddy Sudrajat Stepfather Vanessa Angel: If the womb wouldn’t be like that: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Mirzani seems to stick with his stance that Doddy Sudrajat is Vanessa Angel’s stepfather, even though the 49-year-old man has given his rebuttal. Actress Comic 8 it judged that a biological father would not act like what Doddy did. “I’m not a close friend of the deceased. But he had a chance … Read more

Doddy Sudrajat Changes the Name of Vanessa Angel’s Child, Nikita Mirzani: Where did Elo Dod study? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Mirzani again voiced his opinion regarding the behavior of Vanessa Angel’s father, Doddy Sudrajat, which made him upset and could not understand. Through her Instagram Story account, this mother of three seems to highlight the contents of the Yasin book made by the family of the late Vanessa Angel as a memento … Read more

It’s hot, Nikita Mirzani dismantles the lives of prostitutes : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Mirzani tries to dismantle the nightlife of the prostitutes. In this activity, Nikita Mirzani tries to present a story that not many people know about in nightlife. Despite taking the theme of PSK, the content presented by Nikita Mirzani is far from pornographic. There are many touching stories from the speakers presented … Read more

Nikita Mirzani will be policed ​​after making jokes about prayer readings: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Mirzani has gone viral again with a video that is considered to make the reading of prayers a joke. In response to this, the Director of the Legal Aid Institute for the Executive Board of the Indonesian Muslim Student Union (LBH PB SEMMI) Gurun Arisastra criticized Nikita’s action. “I’ve watched the viral … Read more

Criticized by the impact of reading prayers, Nikita Mirzani: My video was cut: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actress Nikita Mirzani finally opened his voice regarding the circulation of a video showing him using prayer readings as a joke. As a result of the video, the actress received strong public criticism. Through Instagram, the mother of three revealed that what was spread on social media was just a video clip she … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Makes Prayer Readings a Joke, PADI Gives a Strong Warning : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Edi Prastio, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Anti-Discrimination Association (PADI) opened his voice regarding the video Nikita Mirzani which is going viral in the TikTok app. In the video, he makes the prayer recitation a joke. “Coinciding with this extraordinary Santri Day, PADI reminded (gives .) irsyadat wattaujihad) to Nikita Mirzani who is … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Challenges the Party Who Subpoenaed Deddy Corbuzier : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Mirzani’s words in Deddy Corbuzier’s Youtube account are considered to have degraded the social worker profession. This made the 44-year-old man receive a subpoena from Propeksos Indonesia. Hearing the appearance of a summons from Propeksos Indonesia sent to Deddy Corbuzier, made Nikita Mirzani upset. He even asked the Propeksos Indonesia to immediately … Read more

Anxious to see Rachel Vennya’s behavior, Nikita Mirzani: Why do you dare to lie? : Okezone Celebrity

NIKITA Mirzani responded to Rachel Vennya after clarification on Boy William’s Youtube account. Hearing the words of Niko Al Hakim’s ex-wife, Nikita Mirzani was exasperated or annoyed. Especially when she heard the reason that came out of Rachel’s mouth that she deliberately did not undergo quarantine because she missed her two children. In the video, … Read more