Medina Zein Police Again, Buying and Selling Luxury Bags Ended in Misfortune : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Medina Which again reported the enemy to the police. This time, it was Crazy Rich Surabaya’s turn, Uci Flowdea, who reported the celebrity to the Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta, on Monday (11/10/21). Lukman Azhari’s wife was reported on suspicion of a criminal act of coercion with threats of violence through electronic media … Read more

“With her I reached the highest heights of happiness and misfortune”: the impossible love of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner in Spain | Pleasures

By chance of fate, Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra ended up being neighbors in 1946 at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood. She had just divorced her second husband, musician Artie Shaw. He, as on so many other occasions, had run away from the house he shared with his wife, Nancy Barbato, with whom he … Read more