the government launches a “collective mobilization”

Barley harvest in Verrières, in the Orne, July 21, 2021. JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP It is an action plan that has been expected since December 2020 and the submission of a report by the majority deputy Olivier Damaisin on the prevention of farmer suicides. A report on the same subject was also published in March … Read more

Fourth day of mobilization in Guadeloupe against the health pass and the vaccination obligation

In a press release, the Union des entreprises-Medef “strongly condemns the obstacles to freedom of movement”. Here a dam in the Abymes, on November 17, 2021. CARLA BERNHARDT / AFP Tensions persist in Guadeloupe on the fourth day of mobilization to protest against the health pass and the vaccination obligation of caregivers. The Caribbean island … Read more

In Turkey, student mobilization against the backdrop of the economic crisis

Student rally in front of the Sisli Mosque Park, Istanbul, September 24, 2021. SINEM DISLI FOR “THE WORLD” Night has just fallen in Istanbul. On the steps of the small square, in front of the mosque of the district of Sisli, on the European side, they are about twenty students gathered for a fifth day … Read more

in Paris, the demonstrators try to keep the flame alive after eight weeks of mobilization

Were we living the last jolt of a summer movement or the beginning of a soap opera polluting the return to government? From the Elysée Palace, we carefully scrutinized the rise of demonstrations on Saturday, September 4, a few days after the start of the school year and the return of holidaymakers to Paris. “The … Read more

200 rallies planned in France for the eighth Saturday of mobilization

Demonstration against the sanitary pass, here in the procession at the call of the group yellow vest cortegien, party of the bridge of Neuilly. © Julien Muguet for Le Monde, Paris, August 7, 2021. JULIEN MUGUET / © JULIEN MUGUET FOR THE WORLD Parades against the health pass continue at the start of the school … Read more

“Le Monde is answering you” – On the editorial coverage of the anti-health pass mobilization

Ne are 67 million inhabitants, including 47 million between 20 and 75 years old potentially of age to demonstrate (Insee, 2021). You announced in two articles 237,000 people demonstrating against the health pass and / or compulsory vaccination, ie less than 1% of the population. I find this type of media coverage almost every day … Read more

Health anti-pass: mobilization stalls for the second week in a row

Sixth Saturday of anger. There were still many on this first day of the weekend to meet all over France to beat the pavement of resentment against the health pass, the vaccine; more generally with regard to power. In total, there were some 220 events across the country. But if the mobilization remains important in … Read more

a sixth day of mobilization scheduled for Saturday across France

On the weekend of August 15, the Interior Ministry had identified 214,845 demonstrators across the country. Article written by Posted the 08/20/2021 9:40 PM Update the 08/20/2021 10:28 PM Reading time : 1 min. Rebelote. Opponents of the health pass are forecasting more than 200 demonstrations in the main cities of France on Saturday 21 … Read more

Indian peasants determined to continue their mobilization form their assembly

Farmers shout slogans as they arrive on a bus to attend a sit-in protest against farm laws near parliament in New Delhi, India on July 22, 2021. ADNAN ABIDI / REUTERS The site is heavily framed by squadrons of armed police and paramilitaries, and closed off by large metal barriers. You have to state your … Read more

In Ethiopia, general mobilization of Amhara against rebels in Tigray

To stay up to date with African news, subscribe to the “Monde Afrique” newsletter from this link. Every Saturday at 6 am, find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of “Monde Afrique”. Fannos, members of an Amhara militia, in the village of Addi Arkay, Ethiopia, July 14, 2021. EDUARDO … Read more