At the November 13 trial, the ease and subtle responses of Mohamed Bakkali

Mohamed Bakkali before the Special Assize Court in Paris, November 3, 2021. SERGIO AQUINDO Interest slowly awakened, it became more and more lively, curiosity sharpened and never wavered. What does it have to do with it? No doubt the ease and subtlety of the expression. With this particular way of listening to the questions, the … Read more

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, a funny and cerebral Goncourt

Senegalese writer Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, November 3, 2021, after receiving the Goncourt prize for “The Most Secret Memory of Men”. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP Back to the rat race (albeit with respect for barrier gestures), at Drouant’s. After a 2020 edition which saw the winner, Hervé Le Tellier, crowned for The Anomalies (Gallimard) by videoconference, … Read more

The 2021 Goncourt Prize for Mohamed Mbougar Sarr and his novel “The Most Secret Memory of Men”

The Senegalese Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, 31, seduced the jurors with the novel “The Most Secret Memory of Men”. RICHARD BOUHET / AFP The Goncourt Prize was awarded to Mohamed Mbougar Sarr for The Most Secret Memory of Men (Philippe Rey / Jimsaan), Wednesday November 3. After a 2020 edition which rewarded Hervé Le Tellier (for … Read more

Mohamed Hamaki Concert In Fortnite (Musical Wave): Time And How To Watch Online – MeriStation

The new series of concerts Musical Wave on Fortnite Battle Royale begins with the event of Mohamed Hamaki. Of the friday 1st al Sunday, October 3 In 2021, the same looped concert by this Egyptian artist will be repeated within Fortnite. Just below we tell you all the information of interest about this new eventor … Read more

how police commander Mohamed Bida “brought out of hell” hundreds of people fleeing Kabul

Sometimes he risked his life to save hundreds. Mohamed Bida, deputy internal security attaché at the French embassy in Kabul, has organized the evacuation of several hundred people since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15. On Twitter, the French Ambassador in Kabul, David Martinon, saluted the courage and commitment of this seasoned … Read more

Moisés Muñoz revealed problems between Mohamed and Paul Aguilar in America

The relationship between Paul Aguilar and Antonio Mohamed in America did not go through good times and this was revealed by Moisés Muñoz Moses Muñoz, former goalkeeper of America, revealed the lawsuits that had Paul Aguilar and Antonio Mohamed during the Apertura 2014, a situation that had an impact on the departure of the ‘Turco’ … Read more