Kesha Ratuliu Gives Birth, Mona Ratuliu Cry Haru : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Kesha Ratuliu and her husband, Adhi Permana Putra will welcome their baby. Kesha is known to have undergone a caesarean section at the Bina Merdeka Hospital, Sunday (12/12/21). Moments before Kesha gave birth, her aunt, Mona Ratuliu, uploaded a video when she made a video call with Kesha and her husband. Mona seemed … Read more

Sister-in-law Dies, Mona Ratuliu Willing to Be the Milk Mother of the Nephew : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mona Ratuliu intervened to take care of her niece after her brother-in-law who was familiarly called Ulan died. The baby boy named Balint is now staying at Mona’s house to get breast milk from the actress. This is known from the Instagram upload of Indra Brasco’s wife. He also shared his photo with … Read more