on the eve of the presidential election, how are the French doing? “Le Monde” mobilized its editorial staff to respond

Fragments of France, meeting our fellow citizens. THEO GIACOMETTI / YANN STOFER / LUCIE PASTUREAU / ANAÏS BOILEAU FOR “THE WORLD” AND FOR “M LE MAGAZINE DU MONDE” Editorial of the “World”. How are the French? In this pivotal period, at the end of a health crisis that has turned our lives upside down, on … Read more

from fiction to reality, space tourism in “Le Monde”

William Shatner in the series “Star Trek”, in 1984. SCREEN PROD / PHOTONONSTOP Din the television series Star Trek, whose broadcast began in September 1966 in the United States, actor William Shatner played the iconic Captain Kirk, the hero at the head of the spacecraft USS Enterprise. This Wednesday, October 13, the 90-year-old comedian, boarded, … Read more

Pierre Gagnaire, Mory Sacko and Manon Fleury at the Festival du Monde

From left to right, Manon Fleury, Mory Sacko and Pierre Gagnaire during the Festival du Monde, in Paris, September 25, 2021. CAMILLE MILLERAND FOR “THE WORLD” With restaurants closed for months, chefs have had to resist, reinvent themselves, adapt their dishes to delivery. A sense of improvisation which is an integral part of the art … Read more

From the stage to “Belmondisme”, Jean-Paul Belmondo in “Le Monde”

Jean-Paul Belmondo in “The elder of the Ferchaux”, by Jean-Pierre Melville, released in 1963. SCREEN PROD/PHOTONONSTOP Robert Kemp, theater critic of the World, describing himself as “Manic and grumpy” with the wise hindsight of his 75 years, reports in three successive articles, from July 4, 1955, of the final competition of the National Conservatory of … Read more

Jean-Claude Grumberg wins the literary prize “Le Monde” 2021 for “Jacqueline Jacqueline”

Jacqueline Jacqueline earned Jean-Claude Grumberg the literary prize The world 2021, which was given to him, Wednesday, September 8, in the premises of the newspaper. This declaration of love to his wife, who died in 2019, won with her freedom and sincerity the enthusiasm of the jury. Chaired by Jérôme Fenoglio, director of World, this … Read more

“Le Monde is answering you” – On the editorial coverage of the anti-health pass mobilization

Ne are 67 million inhabitants, including 47 million between 20 and 75 years old potentially of age to demonstrate (Insee, 2021). You announced in two articles 237,000 people demonstrating against the health pass and / or compulsory vaccination, ie less than 1% of the population. I find this type of media coverage almost every day … Read more

faced with denials from NSO Group and Morocco, “Le Monde” maintains its information

By the editorial staff of Le Monde Posted today at 09:52 InvestigationThe Israeli company and the Moroccan government have published, since July 18, a series of press releases questioning the revelations of Forbidden Stories and “Le Monde”. Morocco denies being a client of NSO Group. In its response to a first series of specific questions, … Read more