The Metaverse Has A Musical Band: Mutant Monkeys Inspired By Gorillaz

Key facts: There will be four monkeys representing KINGSHIP, the new NFT band. This is a metaverse grouping that will create your own music. Has competition come to Gorillaz? It seems. A Web3 firm called 10:22 PM, which is responsible for developing artists, intellectual property and supporting digital creators, announced yesterday the formation of the … Read more

Sziget 2022 features headliners: Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa and Kings Of Leon

The Hungarian Sziget Festival returns after a two-year break in style with the first wave of announced stars. Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa and Kings Of Leon are the first headliners to perform at next year’s Sziget. In the first wave, the organizers add a number of world-famous and emerging musicians, the enigmatic Little Simz, the … Read more

In the absence of tourists, Bali monkeys raid houses and fear they will turn violent

Deprived of their preferred food source – the bananas, peanuts and other treats given to them by tourists now absent due to the pandemic, the hungry monkeys from the tourist island of Bali They have resorted to entering the homes of the inhabitants in search of something tasty. Villagers in Sangeh say the long-tailed gray … Read more

Alberto Van Stokkum: My photo was stolen to make Arctic Monkeys t-shirts and the group tried to report me | Temptations

Alberto Van Stokkum with Alex Turner’s cigarette. What can lead someone to keep someone else’s cigarette butt in a plastic bag for years? Someone who is not insane or a psychopath, it is understood. Someone like the friend of the Spanish photographer Alberto Van Stokkum, who picked up the cigar that he threw at him … Read more

Arctic Monkeys and Jack White save face to a festival that adds a new controversy

“The day that is not one thing, is another.” The public attending the Mad Cool begins to take for granted that in each of its days, regardless of the year and the venue, something is going to happen . And not exactly positive. The festival it seemed recover yesterday the normal with a double rock … Read more

Arctic Monkeys and Parcels: a two-day taste of Lollapalooza

The final day of the contest, beyond quality, was marked by the controversy behind the presentation of the national punk band Fiskales Ad-Hok, who during their presentation projected images of well-known figures of the Chilean right, crossed with a knife, effects that served the purpose of setting the post-Lollapalooza agenda. The national punk band, which … Read more