NASA Mars Perseverance Rover: Pebbles Before Mountains

Mars Perseverance Sol 320 – WATSON Image: NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired this image using its onboard SHERLOC WATSON imager. The camera is located on the turret at the end of the rover’s robotic arm. The image was acquired on Jan. 13, 2022 (Sol 320). Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA’s Mars 2020 mission team has been working … Read more

With the pandemic and global warming, investing in the mountains has become more risky

COLCANOPA Real estate in the mountains is resisting. “Against all expectations, the health crisis has done the opposite of what we expected, despite the closure of the slopes the number of transactions increased in the most popular resorts in the Alps », is surprised Camille Letuve, associate director at Athena Advisers, a company specializing in … Read more

Google Maps users spooked by perfect circle in mountains sparking ‘UFO landing’ theories

Google Maps users have been spooked by a perfect circle that appeared in some desert mountains, sparking theories that it is a UFO landing site. The image was uploaded to the r/Google Maps forum on Reddit, alongside the caption: “What’s this round thing?” The picture, taken from Google Map’s satellite view, clearly shows a large … Read more

In the mountains, seasonal workers are desired

Skiers during the opening weekend of the Porté-Puymorens resort (Pyrénées-Orientales), November 20, 2021. RAYMOND ROIG / AFP Receptionist, waiter, chef, seller of regional products or sporting goods, pharmacist, technical agent, skiman, driver, concierge, housekeeper, holiday advisor, youth leader, diver, ice cream maker for the bobsleigh track, storekeeper, valet, sports leader, baker, beautician, spa practitioner, pizza … Read more

In the mountains, the debate is open on a future without snow and skis

In the ski area of ​​La Grave-La Meije (Hautes-Alpes), in 2018. ETIENNE MAURY / ITEM On September 23, 2021, Frédi Meignan and Alexandre Maulin checked each other out. This does not necessarily upset you, but in the columns of the Dauphiné released, it has been compared to the handshake between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat … Read more

in the Vosges mountains, growing tensions between walkers and mountain bikers

A mountain biker in the Vosges, in Markstein (Haut-Rhin), September 28, 2021. SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP First, a petition. Then barbed wire stretched over a path. Then a studded board hidden under leaves, which caused a serious fall of an 18-year-old mountain biker on September 16. In the Vosges mountains, the development of mountain biking, … Read more

“The Father Who Moves Mountains”: Explained Ending Of The Netflix Movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Written and directed by Daniel Sandu, “The Father Who Moves Mountains” is a Romanian film by Netflix which follows Mircea Jianu (Adrian Titieni), a retired intelligence agent, in the tireless search for his son, who disappeared along with his girlfriend Daniela in the Bucegi Mountains. MORE INFORMATION What happened at the end … Read more

Afghanistan: The last resistance of the “men from the mountains”

foreign countries Afghanistan The last resistance of the “men from the mountains” Stand: 06.09.2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes Anti-Taliban fighters from the Punjir Valley Source: AFP / AHMAD SAHEL ARMAN The Taliban proclaim the capture of the Punjir Valley as the last province they had not yet been able to conquer. If it actually … Read more

NASA Curiosity Rover Snaps New 360-Panorama of Mars’ Mountains

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has captured a new 360-degree panorama that reveals the diverse terrain of Mount Sharp, a crucial part of the planet that plays an integral role in helping scientists study the region and learn more about its history. One of the five rovers that NASA has sent to explore Mars, Curiosity has … Read more

NASA Rover Captures Stunning Images of Mars’ Giant Mountains, Black Sand and 20-Mile Horizon

NASA’s Curiosity rover is still sending breathtaking images back to Earth nine years after it landed on Mars. On the red planet, 18,000-foot mountains and rocky, four-story-tall hills compete for attention with rippled fields of black sand and a horizon view that stretches 20 miles on a clear day. Curiosity sent its latest pictures from … Read more