“The Lady Of Heaven”: Morocco Prohibits The Screening Of The Film For Representing Muhammad

The Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) today banned the screening of the controversial British film “The Lady of Heaven” for putting a face on the prophet Muhammada visual representation that Islam forbids. In a statement, the CCM indicated that it will not give an authorization and “will prohibit commercial or cultural projection in national territory” of … Read more

Gaga Muhammad Sentenced to 4.5 Years in Prison, Lula Lahfah Grateful : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity Lula Lahfah has recently been in the spotlight for being accused of being a treacherous friend of Laura Anna. However, he was happy with the judge’s verdict on Gaung Sabda Alam Muhammad or commonly known as Gaga Muhammad. The trial of the traffic accident case of Gaga Muhammad as the defendant was … Read more

Gaga Muhammad Objects to Public Prosecutor’s Claim, Calls Laura Anna Negligent: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Gaga Muhammad | undergoing a follow-up trial for a traffic accident case at the East Jakarta District Court, on Monday (11/1/2022). The trial was scheduled to read the plea or memorandum of defense of the defendant. The pledoi reading was carried out by Fahmi Bahmid on behalf of the client before the panel … Read more

Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar, Name of Rizky Billar’s and Lesti Kejora’s Children: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora officially announced the name of their baby. The couple agreed to name the baby, Baby L, after Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar. The reason is, this name is purely the result of Billar’s choice. However, he still asked for permission from Lesti Kejora regarding his son’s name. There was … Read more

Gaga’s Mother Muhammad Called Laura Anna’s Operation a Vain, Ameilia Edelenyi: Hadeh .. : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Gaga Muhammad’s mother, Janariyah, managed to infuriate the public thanks to her controversial statement when appearing on Nikita Mirzani’s YouTube channel, on January 5 last. One of the most highlighted was when he commented on Laura Anna’s family’s decision to operate on the deceased despite knowing that the potential for recovery was very … Read more

Gaga Muhammad Sueded 4.5 Years in Prison, Netizens: Most Polite in Indonesia : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Gaga Muhammad was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for a traffic accident. The former lover of the late Laura Anna was also fined Rp. 10 million for his actions. The public prosecutor’s decision (JPU) was also criticized by netizens because it was considered not comparable to what happened to Laura Anna. Yes, the … Read more

Public Prosecutor Demands Gaga Muhammad to be Imprisoned for 4.5 Years, Marshel Widianto: Hopefully the Judge’s Decision Can Stay Like That : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Comic Marshall Widianto participated in responding to Gaga Muhammad who was required to be sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison and a fine of Rp. 10 million. He also thanked the prosecutor because the demands were close to the sentence they should have been. “Mr. Prosecutor is kind and also the … Read more

Erika Carlina Not Satisfied Gaga Muhammad Sueded 4.5 Years in Prison: Not Worth It : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Laura Anna’s best friend, Erika Carlina admitted to being dissatisfied with the sentence of 4 years and 6 months and a fine of Rp10 million for Gaga Muhammad. According to him, the demand is not commensurate with what the friend felt. “Honestly, 4 years is still not enough. The money to be paid is … Read more

Video of Gaga Muhammad Drunk and Mocking Laura Anna’s Friend Viral: I Know Lo Cupu Rik : Okezone Celebrity

VIDEO Gaga Muhammad while drunk and mocking Laura Anna’s best friend went viral on social media. Previously, the video had mysteriously disappeared on social media. The video was uploaded by the friend of the late Laura Anna, Erika Carlina through her YouTube channel. This video is lost because it has been taken down by YouTube … Read more

Reasons for Laura Anna’s Family Demanding Rp12.5 Billion in Compensation from Gaga Muhammad : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Family Laura Anna open a voice regarding the subpoena and the claim for compensation of Rp. 12.5 billion that had been filed against Gaga Muhammad. Amelia Edelenyi, the mother of the deceased, said that the family had carefully considered the amount. The family asked for compensation because they considered that it was unlikely … Read more