Other famous names, the Venetian program! with Impulse traditionally also targets young people

Venetian Festival! with Impulse, which returns after a two-year forced break, will traditionally offer not only well-known names of the mainstream scene, such as Paľo Habera and Team, Olympic, Arakain, Chinaski, Divokej Bill or Mirai, but also stars that will be appreciated especially by young listeners. For example, the winner of the Czech Nightingale’s Discovery … Read more

World Composer Day: a path paved by great names

short Music Non Stop no Facebook When it comes to music, Brazil is a fertile cradle of great names, recognized throughout the world for their talents, which leave indelible marks on erudite and popular works. We are musical – there’s no denying it – and everyone who loves good music loves some Brazilian music. To … Read more

Venetian! with Impulse she revealed other big names. Under Ještěd, Chinaski, Mirai or Divokej Bill will expand it

After a two-year break, the Liberec Festival of Venice is returning! with Impulse, which will be filled with the stars of the Czechoslovak music scene this year as well. The newly confirmed bands are the groups Chinaski and Mirai, which will join the already confirmed Paľo Haber on Saturday evening. Visitors to Venice will also … Read more

The Light Copying Film Team Removes Names of Crew Suspected Sexual Harassment Perpetrators : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ahead of the release on digital platforms, the film production team of The Light Copyers made a surprising statement. The production party for the film Copy Light, Rekata Studio and Kaninga Pictures revealed, they removed the name of the crew suspected of being involved in the sexual harassment case. This is known from … Read more

Taylor Swift goes to Universal – and helps musicians with it

New York Taylor Swift proves her own mind once again. The 28-year-old successful singer is campaigning for the rights of artists with her new contract with the Vivendi music label Universal. She herself will retain the rights to her master recordings in the future. The American has also insisted on a clause so that other … Read more

Leaked Names of Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar’s Children: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity couple Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar leaked names for their future child. They said this after completing the 7-month event which was held on Saturday (18/12/2021) at the Grand Ballroom of the Inter Continental Hotel, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. The event was hosted by two hosts, namely Verrel Bramasta and Ayu Dewi. … Read more

Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and All the Other Names That Made It Big in Private Space Travel in 2021

Space tourism isn’t exactly a new concept, but 2021 saw it go from far-off possibility to actual reality several times over. While multiple factors drove these innovations, there are a few names that each play significant roles within their own companies. First, there’s mogul Richard Branson’s space exploration wing, Virgin Galactic. Then there’s Amazon founder … Read more

Fernando Santos on the ‘razor’s edge’. Can one of these names be the successor?

Portugal failed, this sunday, the objective of qualifying directly for the Mundial’2022, after succumbing to the serbian counterpart by 1-2. Objective failed, but not only. The quality of the national team was, once again, far from what was desired. If more than 58,000 spectators supported the country from beginning to end at the Estádio da … Read more

Who Will Be The Next James Bond? Henry Cavill Is Latest To Join 007 Rumored Names

Henry Cavill is the last actor who would be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig made his last appearance as a character in No time to die. Daniel Craig is considered Bond’s longest-serving actor, having played the MI6 agent for over 15 years. He was also voted the best James Bond, so whoever steps … Read more