In the post-Jesus derby, FC Porto needed five minutes to aggravate Benfica’s crisis

ForGuilherme de Sousa December 30, 2021 • 19:55 FC Porto received and again beat Benfica by 3-1, leaving the waters at seven points in the league table. The victory was built in five minutes when, in the first half, Fábio Vieira (34″) and Pepê (37″) scored two goals. In the second half, Benfica reduced and … Read more

“If we talk about it, it’s because it’s needed”

Words so aggressive to the unfiltered photo of Paola Di Benedetto no one expected them, not even a social media regular like Aurora Ramazzotti, which has made imperfection its mantra. Yet the reaction of Michelle Hunziker’s daughter was inevitable when, scrolling through the Corriere’s social page, she found the tenor of the comments against Paola … Read more

in Europe, compulsory vaccination is needed as the last resort in countries that are resistant to the vaccine

A man waits to be vaccinated in Vienna, Austria on November 22, 2021. VADIM GHIRDA / AP If, for the World Health Organization (WHO), compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 should be introduced in ” last resort “, the debate is gradually settling in Europe after the decision of several countries to resort to this measure, for … Read more

Immediately! Another 500 million in support is needed. And then there’s the voucher bomb

There is the “S” of supports, but also the “U” of urgency, followed by the “B” of battle and then by the “I” of internationalization, as well as by the “T” of tourism and the “O” of organized. There are all the protagonists of the organized travel industry in the acronym Subito. And I am … Read more

Manchester City needed Harry Kane, so who do they sign now, Cristiano, Haaland or Mbappé?

First Lionel Messi, now Harry Kane. Manager Pep Guardiola is getting used to not being able to sign his main goals at Manchester City and, make no mistake, he will find that not signing Kane is more detrimental to his club’s hopes of success than the inability to persuade Messi to do so. He left … Read more

‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba’ And His New Collection Of Clothes That You Didn’t Know You Needed (until Now)

The success of the anime series facing off with human and god swords has even landed its own clothing line at Uniqlo. We still do not have a long trailer for the long-awaited season 2 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, but to start the premiere, several brief previews and an official poster have been … Read more

MotoGP Austria J1 Jorge Martin (Ducati / 10): “I’m happy for Zarco because he needed it”

A week ago, Jorge Martin triumphed on the Red Bull Ring for his first MotoGP success and that of his team Pramac. A final privilege that we expected rather from his teammate Johann Zarco, more experienced and also better classified for men in Ducati in the championship. But this Friday, the Frenchman announced the color … Read more

Ikoy-Ikoyan Trend Commentary, Awkarin: There’s Much More Needed Out There : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity Karin Novilda or Awkarin also commented on the ‘ikoy-ikoyan’ trend popularized by fellow influencer, Arief Muhammad. Awkarin admitted that he was worried that the trend would actually foster the mental of ‘online begging’. He revealed this through his personal Twitter social media. “Unpopular opinion. It’s a bit scary that this sharing game … Read more