3 Portraits of Irish Bella Young Mamas who are increasingly Shiny, Netizens: Beautiful No Debate : Okezone Celebrity

BABY Air Rumi Akbar is one year old. Irish Bella increasingly exudes her charm as a young mother at the age of 25. Mother and daughter are often seen getting along in various situations. Being a mother of one child doesn’t mean Irish Bella doesn’t think about skin beauty. Let’s take a look at the … Read more

3 Modern Photo Styles ala Natasha Wilona Wearing Thigh Shorts, Netizens: Wow Sexy! : Okezone Celebrity

Natasha Wilona’s contemporary photo style always charming. Natasha Wilona is a beautiful artist who always looks attractive. The charm of her face is never boring to look at. Both female and male netizens are big fans. Here are three contemporary photos in the style of Natasha Wilona written on Friday (7/1/2022). Also Read: Take a … Read more

Ashanty is positive for Covid-19 until he is mentally tired of being blasphemed by netizens as a burden on the state, his vent is heartbreaking! : Okezone Celebrity

ASHANTY positive for Covid-19 after a vacation from Turkey and even became the subject of scorn for netizens. He also vented sadly on Instagram and felt awry. Netizens scorn Ashanty with various comments. One of the highlights is that Ashanty is said to be a burden on the state. “Just a burden on the state,” … Read more

Gaga Muhammad Sueded 4.5 Years in Prison, Netizens: Most Polite in Indonesia : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Gaga Muhammad was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for a traffic accident. The former lover of the late Laura Anna was also fined Rp. 10 million for his actions. The public prosecutor’s decision (JPU) was also criticized by netizens because it was considered not comparable to what happened to Laura Anna. Yes, the … Read more

The Beauty of Differences, Anggun Shakes Hands with Pope Francis, Netizens all over Indonesia Touched! : Okezone Celebrity

GRACEFUL Cipta Sasmi was flooded with praise for his religious tolerance. He met and shook hands with Pope Francis the Vatican. At the end of 2021, the singer of “Dreams” seemed to visit the Vatican in Rome, Italy. He even appeared to meet Pope Francis. Even though he is Muslim, the opportunity to take this … Read more

The Beauty of Celine Evangelista with Flawless Makeup, Netizens: Raise Me to Be Your Child : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celine Evangelista has a beauty that often steals the attention of netizens. Moreover, when he appears wearing makeup, his face looks more perfect many times. In addition, he also often shares his activities through uploading photos on his personal Instagram account @celine_evangelista. Like the upload when she was made up by a professional … Read more

3 Current Photo Styles of Maria Vania, Her Body Smoky Always Makes Netizens Glaring : Okezone Celebrity

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Nikita Mirzani’s Boycott Viral, Netizens: Only Realized Now, Right? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The boycott of Nikita Mirzani became a trending topic on Twitter social media accounts, on Monday (12/13/2021). A petition created by the Damai Indonesiaku account with the title ‘Boycott Nikita Mirzani, the artist who spreads hatred and commotion!’ It has even been signed by more than 64 thousand people. Many netizens teased about … Read more

Jessica Iskandar Gender Reveal, Netizens Misfocus on Gestational Age : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag have just done a gender reveal for their future child. The gender reveal event was held in the Menteng area, Jakarta on Sunday (5/12) behind closed doors and only surrounded by family and friends. Also Read: Jessica Iskandar Called Pregnant First, the Father: Who Said? 5 Facts about … Read more

BTS Announces 2022 Concert Schedule, Hysterical Netizens: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – BTS has just finished their ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ concert in Los Angeles, Thursday (2/12/2021). As if stepping on the gas, the 7-member group has now made an important announcement for fans that they will be returning to the live stage in 2022! The news was shared through the official Twitter account … Read more