CDS/Enough debate. Half an hour of offenses and totally separate waters

Twenty-five minutes of insults and that’s all. This Wednesday, on CNN Portugal, was the debate between the leaders of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, and of Chega, André Ventura – the most aggressive face-to-face of all that has ever happened. The two arrived at the studio armed with a wide range of offenses to … Read more

The new space telescope’s 1.5 million kilometer journey has begun

8.5 billion euros and 11 years later than expected, the James Webb telescope attached to the Ariane 5 rocket departed from French Guiana. If all goes as planned, the telescope built by the space agencies of the USA, Europe and Canada will be fully operational in June, placing itself in the so-called second point of … Read more

Costa has the advantage, but Rio is also growing

António Costa leaves with an advantage over Rui Rio for the January 30 legislatives. According to an Aximage poll for the DN, JN and TSF, the Portuguese consider that the socialist is more competent, supportive and influential. And that will make, therefore, a better prime minister. But there are also positive signs for the Social … Read more

″Exhibiting at the Louvre is a challenge and a confirmation. An important moment in my journey″

Were the “Three Graces” your proposal or a specific request from the Louvre? If it was your choice, why this option?It was my choice. I am interested in reassessing themes, myths and narratives that underlie the History of Art. The “Three Graces”, traversing our European History since before Classical Antiquity, are not outside my inquiry. … Read more

‘It was easier than I thought’. ‘Safer’ passengers with new airport rules

Since Wednesday, December 1st, all passengers traveling on international flights, regardless of having a vaccination certificate, are required to submit a negative diagnostic test to covid-19 at the time of boarding, with the exception of travelers with a recovery certificate of covid-19. Circulation at airport arrivals has changed, there are security and police throughout the … Read more

School community does not agree with calendar change

About 1.2 million students (from the 1st to the 12th grade) will not return to the classroom after the Christmas break on the day foreseen in the first version of the school calendar: January 3rd. The reasons for the measure, taken by the government as a way to prevent possible covid-19 contagion, are welcomed by … Read more

Ultramarathons. The B side of the businessman Luís Rato

Running and walking and breaking records. This is basically what the businessman Luís Rato does in the 24 hours that the day gives him, whether in business or on his B side: the ultramarathons. “I practically train every day, about 10 to 12 kilometers. Now I really want to start training more to be in … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio produced documentary about Pedrogão’s fires

“From Devil”s Breath” (in free translation, “From the Devil’s Breath”) is the name of the documentary that Leonardo DiCaprio produced about the 2017 fires in Pedrógão Grande. “, addresses climate change focusing on the tragedy that happened four years ago. It will be shown in two sessions at the 26th United Nations climate summit (COP26), … Read more

Man accused of kidnapping an Australian girl

The man suspected of kidnapping a four-year-old Australian girl was accused of kidnapping this Thursday. Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, has appeared in court in the city of Carnarvon, accused of arresting a child under 16 by force, fraudulently or through seduction. The suspect did not ask for bail, took a while to recognize his own … Read more

Princess Mako. A wedding without pomp but with circumstances

Under the rule of the imperial family, Emperor Naruhito’s 30-year-old niece Mako gave up her royal title by marrying Kei Komuro, who is the same age and works for an American law firm. Since announcing their engagement in 2017, the couple have faced tabloid scandals and online attacks over allegations that the Komuro family was … Read more