Nicolás Maduro applied for a visa to travel to the United States – Latin America – International

The United States took a turn in its relationship with Venezuela. After harsh economic sanctions and blockades for the extraction and sale of oil, the government of Joe Biden announced the relaxation of some measures. The Venezuelan regime celebrated the relief and said it was prepared to move towards the total lifting of restrictions. Even, … Read more

Renfield: Nicolas Cage To Play Dracula In Universal Spin-off

Always able to surprise his audience, actor Nicolas Cage will play Count Dracula in the next Universal spin-off, Renfield. If the failure of The Mummy set the Dark Universe of Universal, Invisible Man’s more recent hit – modern replay of The invisible Man -, quickly re-encouraged the studio to dust off the other mythical monsters … Read more

From “Ushuaia” to the investigation of “Special Envoy”, Nicolas Hulot in “Le Monde”

In 2006, Nicolas Hulot presented his “ecological pact” in Grenoble. JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT / AFP “Disgusted”, Nicolas Hulot announced, Wednesday, November 24, on the set of BFM-TV, that he was leaving “Definitely public life”. A media outlet in order to anticipate an investigation by “Special Envoy”. Broadcast the next day, Elise Lucet’s show revealed the testimonies … Read more

Nicolás Arrieta assures that the world does not need more influencers

Nicolas Arrieta is a well-known content producer who usually causes controversy due to the criticism they make to other influencers, but this time drew attention for stating that the world no longer needed tiktokers but more professionals. On his official Instagram account, the influencer posted a video of an extract from an interview they conducted … Read more

Matthieu Orphelin, spokesperson for Yannick Jadot and close to Nicolas Hulot, “withdrawn” from the campaign

Matthieu Orphelin, in Nantes, June 24, 2021. SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS / AFP The accusations of rape and sexual assault targeting Nicolas Hulot continue to make waves. One of his relatives, Matthieu Orphelin, who is the spokesperson for candidate EELV in the next presidential election Yannick Jadot, was put “Withdrawing from its responsibilities”, announced the campaign director … Read more

“It was completely impossible for Nicolas Sarkozy to influence my vote”, assures Michel Platini

Michel Platini, May 28, 2015. FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP It is an understatement to say that Michel Platini did not appreciate the interview that Sepp Blatter gave to the World, in which the former president of the International Football Federation (FIFA) ensures that “Without Sarkozy’s intervention at the last moment on Platini, Qatar would never … Read more

Nicolas Sarkozy expected to stand as a witness in the Elysee polls trial

Nicolas Sarkozy, October 8, 2021, in Bordeaux. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP Nicolas Sarkozy is expected, Tuesday, November 2, to testify at the trial of his former relatives in the case of the Elysee polls. Protected by the presidential immunity conferred on him by the Constitution, Mr. Sarkozy has never been prosecuted or heard about suspicions … Read more

Nicolas Maduro calls for normalization of relations between Venezuela and Colombia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas on October 15, 2021. FEDERICO PARRA / AFP Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro estimated, Wednesday, October 20, that his country and Colombia, which no longer have diplomatic relations since 2019, should “Normalize” their reports. “We must solve our problems, regularize, normalize commercial, productive, economic relations. We must normalize consular and … Read more

Nicolas Sarkozy summoned to the “Elysee polls” trial, a gray area of ​​presidential immunity

Former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, in Nice, October 15, 2021. VALERY HACHE / AFP The 32e chamber of the Paris Criminal Court is categorical: the testimony of Nicolas Sarkozy during the trial of the so-called “Elysee polls” case is “Necessary for the manifestation of the truth”. To hear it, the magistrates took an … Read more

the testimony of Nicolas Sarkozy deemed “necessary for the manifestation of the truth”

The former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, will be forced, if necessary by the police, to testify as a witness, on November 2, in the “Elysee polls affair”. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP It is a dramatic turn of events, on the second day of the trial of the Elysée polls affair: Nicolas Sarkozy will … Read more