Reza Appears in Video Clip Erasing Your Tracks, Ariel NOAH Opens Voice: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – NOAH re-release video clip Deleting Your Track which was released by Peterpan in 2007. Unlike the previous version, remake The company took Angga Yunanda and Vanessa Prescilla as models. The two actors played Ariel and Dian Sastro, the star of the video clip of the previous version of the original. Meanwhile, NOAH personnel … Read more

3 Contemporary Photo Styles in the style of BCL the Hot Mom in Bikini to Jogging with Noah : Okezone Celebrity

BCL’s contemporary photo style (Bunga Citra Lestari) no less stole the attention of other celebrities. Let’s take a look at the portrait! Being a mother and having ideal body goals, BCL is also dubbed as a hot mom. Each portrait is always attractive with various poses and fashion styles. Here are three styles of contemporary … Read more

Portuguese unicorn responds to Trevor Noah: “There is technology created in Portugal that protects 4 of the 5 largest banks in North America” ​​- Technology

Humorist Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show”, spoke about Portugal in a segment of the program and addressed the recent amendment to the Labor Code, in which the new rules of the so-called “right to disconnect”, approved by MPs earlier this month , realize that the “employer has the duty to refrain from contacting … Read more

Cooking with Ariel NOAH, Dina Lorenza Grogi : Okezone Celebrity

DINA Lorenza and Ariel NOAH are getting more and more intimate. One of them can be seen from their adorable and intimate portrait when they are cooking together. Yes, the soap opera star Eclipse is always awkward when Ariel is beside him. This made Dina Lorenza the butt of her friends. The moment was recorded … Read more

Wika Salim Reveals Relationship with Ariel NOAH, Surprising Answer: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Wika Salim recently revealed about his status with Ariel Noah. As we know, Ariel Noah is often reported to be close to a number of women after his relationship with the beautiful artist Sophia Latjuba ran aground. Even recently, the vocalist of the Noah music group is reported to be close to soap … Read more

Profile of Dina Lorenza, Senior Artist Matched with Ariel NOAH : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Dina Lorenza is a senior artist, presenter, and Indonesian politician. His career in the entertainment world has even started since the 90s. Dina Lorenza first played in a film called Ibu Malang Ibu Tersayang in 1990. From there her career began to rise, until she had time to play in phenomenal soap operas … Read more

Dewa 19, Noah, and The Sacred Riana Enliven Amazing 19 GTV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Big names in the Indonesian music scene will celebrate Amazing 19 live from studio RCTI+, the most advanced studio in Asia at 18.30 WIB, today (9/10/2021) on GTV. Dewa 19 and Noah will collaborate together and present “Indonesia Rhapsody”. A sensation of a legendary band concert that is longed for by Indonesian music lovers. … Read more

Dewa 19 & Noah Collaboration in Indonesia Rhapsody on Amazing 19 GTV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Big names from the Indonesian music scene will fill the Amazing 19 celebration LIVE on Saturday 09 October at 18.30 WIB. Dewa 19 and Noah will collaborate together and present “Indonesia Rhapsody”, the sensation of a legendary band concert that Indonesian music lovers yearn for. There have been dozens of hit songs that … Read more

Rio fears Coins effect; Noah drank river water

Nthis Friday, October 1st, when the country enters the last phase of the decontamination plan, the Economic Newspaper announces that the CEO of Autoeuropa is leaving and will be replaced by a foreign manager. the weekly New highlights in this week’s edition: “Rio fears the Coins effect”, after the conquest of the capital. “PSD leader … Read more

Sick, David NOAH Didn’t Attend Mediation with Lina Yunita : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- David Kurnia Albert Dorfel alias David Noah did not attend mediation with the reporter, Lina Yunita on the alleged fraud case today, Monday (30/8/2021). According to the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus, the keyboardist unable to attend due to illness. READ ALSO: – Playing in Eternals, … Read more