Nasa ‘confirms’ it’s joining search for UFOs after previously REFUSING to ‘actively hunt’ alien objects

NASA has reportedly confirmed it will officially join the hunt for UFOs after a groundbreaking UAP Congress hearing earlier this month. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) and official sightings were recently discussed at a public US Congress hearing on May 17. 2 The UFO congress hearing revealed spherical and triangular objects that experts can’t seem to … Read more

Gaga Muhammad Objects to Public Prosecutor’s Claim, Calls Laura Anna Negligent: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Gaga Muhammad | undergoing a follow-up trial for a traffic accident case at the East Jakarta District Court, on Monday (11/1/2022). The trial was scheduled to read the plea or memorandum of defense of the defendant. The pledoi reading was carried out by Fahmi Bahmid on behalf of the client before the panel … Read more

Comet 29P / Schwassmann-Wachmann One of the Weirdest Objects in the Solar System

Comet 29P / Schwassmann-Wachmann behaves like no other object we know, and even by its own high standards, the past few months have been profoundly strange. Although classified as a comet, 29P erupts for reasons that are still unknown, but not the same as those seen in other comets. After the biggest series of eruptions … Read more

“We have decided with Benin not to make the returns of royal objects on the sly”

Emmanuel Kasarherou, president of the Musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, on May 27, 2020, in Paris. FRANCK FIFE / AFP The Quai Branly Museum is organizing the return to Benin of 26 works from the royal treasures of Abomey, stolen during the French colonial conquests in the 19th century.e century, and exhibits them from October … Read more

Twenty-six objects soon to be returned to Benin by the Quai Branly Museum

Three statues of the royal treasures of Abomey, exhibited at the Quai Branly Museum in Paris, September 10, 2021. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP On November 9, twenty-six historical pieces from the kingdom of Abomey, from the collections of the Quai Branly Museum, must be transferred to Benin, where they originated: statues, palace doors, thrones, altars… … Read more

Inside the incredible mansion in Malibu that Leonardo DiCaprio decorated with objects from “Titanic” and put up for sale for 10 million dollars

When it comes to thinking about the mansions of the most recognized characters in show business, the mind is automatically transported to imagining grounds of hundreds and hundreds of square meters, with kitchens equipped with the latest technologies, huge swimming pools and gardens that fill with peace. the home, plus an exorbitant number of luxurious … Read more

Vera Rubin Observatory to Detect 5 Interstellar Objects Per Year

In one year (perhaps two), the Vera C. Rubin Observatory in Chile will become operational and begin its 10-year Legacy Space and Time Survey (LSST). Using its 8.4-meter (27-foot) mirror and 3.2 gigapixel camera, this observatory must collect 500 petabytes of images and data. It will also address some of the most pressing questions about … Read more

Astronomers Discover More Than 450 New Objects in Our Solar System

The outer limits of the Solar System constitute a strange and mysterious place. Beyond Neptune’s orbit, where it’s cold and dark, a swarm of icy objects called the Kuiper Belt orbits the Sun, considered more or less unchanged since the birth of the Solar System. Because it’s so dark and distant, and the objects so … Read more

US Military Intelligence and the Three Body Problem. How do I track objects closer to the Moon? [ANALIZA]

A vast domain of (hypothetical) space operations Previews of the next version of the thematic report by DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), originally issued in February 2019 under the title Challenges to Security in Space, appeared on the occasion of this year’s Space Symposium conference, held on August 23-26 in Colorado Springs. Reports of this content … Read more