Kalina Ocktaranny Confirms Divorce News with Vicky Prasetyo : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Kalina Ocktaranny spent the weekend with her two best friends, Ivan Gunawan and Denise Chariesta. In her Instagram Story account, the mother of Azka Corbuzier was seen eating a meal at a restaurant while recording her activity. On that occasion, Kalina had time to point the camera at her and Denise’s face while … Read more

Signaling Separation from Vicky Prasetyo, Kalina Ocktaranny Buys A New House : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Kalina Octaranny hinted that he had completely separated from Vicky Prasetyo. Recently, he was seen uploading a photo of a two-story house that seems to be his. Kalina Octaranny added that in the near future, he will be occupying a two-story house not too far from the residence of his ex-husband, Deddy Corbuzier. He … Read more