Gil Ofarim comments on surveillance video: “I didn’t lie”

Gil Ofarim described an anti-Semitic incident in a hotel. Image: dpa / ProSieben In early October, an Instagram video by Gil Ofarim caused a sensation. The singer described an anti-Semitic incident that supposedly occurred in a Leipzig hotel. Accordingly, he should have been denied check-in because he was wearing his Star of David around his … Read more

Marriott-Gruppe drückt Gil Ofarim „tiefes Bedauern“ aus

Deutschland Antisemitismus-Vorwürfe Marriott-Gruppe drückt Gil Ofarim „tiefes Bedauern“ aus Stand: 12:14 Uhr | Lesedauer: 2 Minuten Machte einen mutmaßlich antisemitischen Vorfall im Hotel “Westin Leipzig” publik: Gil Ofarim Quelle: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa-Zentralbild; Gerald Matzka/dpa Nun meldet sich der Mutterkonzern des „Westin Leipzig“ zu Wort: Man habe Gil Ofarim persönlich kontaktiert und sich betroffen gezeigt, so das … Read more

Gil Ofarim in Leipzig: Hotel Westin takes employees on leave

The Leipzig Hotel Westin reacted to anti-Semitism allegations by the singer Gil Ofarim and on Tuesday put the “employees concerned” on leave. This was confirmed by the deputy manager Antje Reichstein in the evening. “We are a cosmopolitan hotel and we strongly reject any form of intolerance, discrimination and anti-Semitism. That is why we are … Read more

Gil Ofarim rejected in Leipzig hotel: Protests after anti-Semitism allegations – Leipzig

Leipzig – Hundreds of people gathered in front of the luxury hotel “The Westin” in Leipzig on Tuesday to protest. An employee is said to have turned down singer Gil Ofarim (39) the night before because of his Star of David on the necklace. The musician made serious allegations in a video post. Strange action: … Read more