Olivier Rousteing, artistic director of Balmain, reveals to have been badly burned to the face in a domestic accident a year ago

“I finally feel ready to share this. I’ve been hiding it for too long and it’s time you knew it.” It is through an Instagram post that Olivier Rousteing, artistic director of Balmain, revealed to have been the victim of a serious domestic accident a year ago. Article written by France Televisions Writing Culture Posted … Read more

the endless wait for the relatives of journalist Olivier Dubois, kidnapped six months ago

Journalist Olivier Dubois photographed during a report, in Nioro (Mali), in September 2020. MICHELE CATTANI / AFP In Deborah Al-Hawi Al-Masri’s office, planted on the right bank of Bamako, the Malian capital, time stands still. The minutes seem to him to be hours and the hours to whole days, for six months. “I am told … Read more

the implementing decree published in the Official Journal, announces Olivier Véran

The Minister of Health described the text as “very good news, much awaited”. Article written by Posted the 09/29/2021 9:02 AM Update the 09/29/2021 9:28 AM Reading time : 1 min. “The decree implementing the PMA for single women and female couples is very good news, much awaited”, welcomed Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, Wednesday, … Read more

3,000 suspended caregivers: Olivier Véran’s “plot” estimate

Thursday, September 16, Olivier Véran reassured on the proper functioning of the French health system, after the entry into force of the vaccination obligation for caregivers. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP The entry into force of the vaccination obligation for caregivers and paramedical workers from September 15 would not have hampered the functioning of the … Read more

Vaccination of caregivers and children, 3rd dose: what to remember from Olivier Véran’s announcements

Through Johann Foucault Published on 26 August 21 at 19:35 News See my news Follow this media A 3rd dose will be offered from September 13 to nursing home residents. (© Mufid Majnun / Unsplash) It’s already back to school, judging by the successive speeches of members of the government. After Jean Castex which unveiled … Read more

Olivier Véran castigates the “doubt” on vaccination and does not rule out an extension of the health pass

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, at the Hôtel-Dieu, in Paris, on January 4, 2021. POOL NEW / REUTERS France has “Avoided the worst” this summer, thanks to the acceleration of the vaccination campaign and the implementation of the health pass, estimated Thursday, August 26, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, during a press briefing. … Read more

The funeral of Father Olivier Maire celebrated in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, in Vendée

The place of the murder of Father Olivier Maire, in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, on August 9. SÉBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS / AFP Several dozen of the faithful gathered in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, in Vendée, Friday, August 13, on the occasion of the funeral of Father Olivier Maire. The Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, was present at the ceremony, noted a … Read more

Covid-19: pregnancy is not a contraindication to mRNA vaccination, says Olivier Véran

Pregnant Israeli woman receiving dose of Covid-19 vaccine – JACK GUEZ / AFP CORONAVIRUS – The Minister of Health said on Tuesday that pregnancy was not a contraindication to vaccination against Covid-19, via messenger RNA. Pregnant women will therefore not be exempt from the provisions related to the health pass. Maxence GEVIN – 2021-07-20T18:58:14.842+02:00 Apart … Read more

After his transfer to AC Milan: the anachronistic Olivier Giroud and his atypical career

We do not yet know the legacy that Olivier Giroud will leave in the heritage of French football. When the generations to come look at the ranking of the top scorers in the history of the Blues, they will see his name, just above Michel Platini and, for the moment, just below Thierry Henry. They … Read more

Olivier Giroud leaves Chelsea and signs with AC Milan

Olivier Giroud in Milan on July 16, 2021. PIERO CRUCIATTI / AFP Subscribed to the bench at Chelsea, French international striker Olivier Giroud will discover Serie A next season in the jersey of AC Milan, where he will allow the star of the team, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to breathe more often. The Italian club formalized Saturday … Read more