Leisure – In Orléans, The Pathé Cinema Is More Expensive Than In Other Cities Of Comparable Size

The article also published on our Facebook page provoked several reactions relating to the price of seats. “Considering the price of an entry, we think twice before going … Even at the works council price, cinema remains a luxury “, laments Amandine, in the comments. “Paying 13 euros for a 2-hour film is expensive per … Read more

After Traveling Into Space, Sir Richard Branson Puts His Feet On The Ground To Open A Hotel In New Orleans

It seems like yesterday when he was broadcasting his first trip to outer space and now the founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, reappears public to inaugurate the most recent complex of Virgin Hotels in the festive city of New Orleans. The tycoon arrived at the property accompanied by Marching 100, the internationally … Read more

The bomb threat in a high school in Orleans lifted on Tuesday evening, an investigation entrusted to the judicial police

Due to a threat of an attack, the Benjamin-Franklin public high school in Orléans was completely evacuated by the police this Tuesday in the middle of the afternoon. The operation started around 3 p.m. and took place in peace: 1,500 people in all had to leave the premises, after a man threatening to “blow up … Read more

Satoranský natáčel kampaň před domácím ME a už se těší do New Orleans

Tomáš Satoranský je největší českou hvězdou Ondřej Deml, ČTK Po úspěchu v olympijské kvalifikaci v kanadské Victorii a vystoupení na hrách v Tokiu má Satoranský evropský šampionát jako další velkou výzvu s národním týmem. V Praze čekají svěřence trenéra Ronena Ginzburga duely se Srbskem, Polskem, Finskem, Izraelem a Nizozemskem. “Je jen dobře, že EuroBasket propagujeme … Read more

NASA Satellite Observes Massive Power Outages in New Orleans

August 9, 2021 Three days after Hurricane Ida, many people in Louisiana are going without electric power due to downed power lines and damaged transmission towers. Three days after Hurricane Ida brought fierce wind, rain, and storm surges to Louisiana, large swaths of the state are enduring electric power blackouts due to downed lines and damaged transmission … Read more

NASA Satellites Map Out New Orleans Power Outage Caused by Hurricane Ida

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been able to map out the power outage in New Orleans with the help of its satellites. The scientists who worked on the maps are from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center as well as the Universities Space Research Association (USRA). Hundreds of thousands of people are currently … Read more

Satellite Observes Power Outages in New Orleans

Three days after Hurricane Ida brought fierce wind, rain, and storm surges to Louisiana, large swaths of the state are enduring electric power blackouts due to downed lines and damaged transmission towers. According to news sources, many people are also going without access to running water and gasoline due to damaged infrastructure. A team of … Read more

NASA tallies Hurricane Ida damage to Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans

NASA personnel at the agency’s manufacturing facility in Louisiana are continuing to evaluate damage caused by Hurricane Ida, which made landfall on Sunday (Aug. 29). The massive storm left hundreds of thousands of people near the Gulf Coast sweltering, without power or tap water and under curfew rules, according to the AP. Current estimates suggest … Read more

New Orleans prepares to shelter in front of Ida as it is too late for mandatory evacuations, says the mayor

Residents of the Louisiana coast on Saturday took one last day to prepare for Hurricane Ida, which has been described as potentially devastating. It is expected to bring winds of up to 140 miles per hour (225 kilometers per hour) when it makes landfall as a powerful Category 4 cyclone. By Saturday afternoon, Ida had … Read more

Hurricane Ida gains strength and will arrive in New Orleans with category 4, higher than Katrina Telemundo

The city of New Orleans is preparing for the arrival of Ida, which is expected to hit the coasts of Louisina as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday, more powerful even than Hucarán Katrina and one of the deadliest in US history. State and local authorities they have already begun to evacuate the most vulnerable … Read more