the swell builds the pressure to protect paintings and engravings from the submerged cavity

The horse panel is dry for eight to ten months a year, thanks to the injection of air into the cavity under the effect of the waves. When the air pressure decreases, the water level rises and partially covers the panel. LUC VANRELL LUC VANRELL From their first forays into Cosquer cave, divers observed on … Read more

Amoako Boafo’s Paintings Launched into Space on a Bezos Rocket –

Last Wednesday, three portraits painted by the Vienna-based Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo were launched from Texas into space. They floated in the void before coming back down to Earth just eleven minutes later. The launch of the “Suborbital Triptych” (2021) was a collaboration between the Jeff Bezos-owned aerospace company Blue Origin and the aerospace technology … Read more

Eric Turquin, the gentleman who detects master paintings

Eric Turquin dominates the French ancient art market (here, in November 2020). MARTIN BUREAU / AFP Class ease is, just after his exceptional knowledge of painting, from the Italian primitives until the 19th century.e century, the other asset of Eric Turquin. At 69, this independent expert extols with emphasis his latest discovery, a Philosopher reading, … Read more