the impact of the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian economy according to the UN

A clothing stand is set up in front of the rubble of a store destroyed by Israeli airstrikes in May, in Gaza, on November 20, 2021. MOHAMMED SALEM / REUTERS In less than twenty years, the restrictive measures imposed by the Israeli occupation represent a shortfall of nearly 58 billion dollars (51.3 billion euros) for … Read more

Palestinian human rights defenders spied on by Pegasus

Sahar Francis (left), director of Addameer, and Tahseen Elayyan (right), of the Al-Haq human rights organization, at a joint press conference in Ramallah, West Bank, November 8, 2021 . NASSER NASSER / AP For the first time, eavesdropping on activists and human rights defenders using Pegasus spyware is documented in the Palestinian territories. Computer security … Read more

eight Palestinian women in resistance to protect their culture

Safaa Hathot denounces the racist laws of the Israeli government as much as the patriarchy in her rap songs. DRYADES FILMS LCP-AN – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 AT 8:30 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY “Being Palestinian is a burden, in the sense that one must always defend oneself, justify oneself”, notes Ghadeer Dajani. This thirty-something, interior designer in … Read more

By classifying six NGOs as “terrorist organizations”, Israel strikes at the heart Palestinian civil society

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz in Tel Aviv on November 20, 2019. JACK GUEZ / AFP Israel dealt an unprecedented blow to Palestinian civil society and its international donors on Friday, October 22, by classifying six established human rights organizations among the “Terrorist organizations”. This order was signed by the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, … Read more

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks with Israeli delegation

Mahmoud Abbas on May 12, 2021 in Ramallah, West Bank. MAJDI MOHAMMED / AP An interview took place in Ramallah on Sunday (October 3) late in the evening between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and an Israeli delegation. Mr. Abbas received, at the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank, Nitzan Horowitz and … Read more

The trial of the murder of an opponent, the first step in an attempt to rebound the Palestinian Authority

Protesters gathered to denounce the death of Palestinian Authority opponent Nizar Banat brandish his photo on June 24, 2021 in Ramallah. NASSER NASSER / AP Fourteen sacrificial lambs: thirteen troopers of the Palestinian internal intelligence and a junior officer – a sergeant -, sat, silent, in the dock at the military court in Ramallah, Monday, … Read more

The spoon, a new symbol of Palestinian nationalism

Palestinian protesters now wield a spoon, in nationalist reference to the six inmates who recently escaped from an Israeli prison, before being recaptured. Demonstration by Arab Israelis on September 10 in Umm al-Fahm, Israel, in solidarity with the six detainees who escaped four days earlier (Jack Guez, AFP) Palestinian nationalism has adopted, over its long … Read more

spectacular escape of a figure of the Palestinian struggle

The hole through which the six Palestinian prisoners, including Zakaria Zubeidi, escaped from Gilboa prison in Israel on September 6, 2021. GIL ELIYAHU / REUTERS Now Zakaria Zubeidi is once again “public enemy number one” in Israel. But for how long ? This former Palestinian fighter, who distinguished himself during the second intifada (2000-2005) in … Read more

In Gaza, Palestinian child killed by Israeli army fire

The funeral for 12-year-old Omar al-Nile took place in Gaza on Saturday. KHALIL HAMRA / AP A young Palestinian, injured last week by Israeli army fire in Gaza, has died, the Palestinian health ministry said on Saturday (August 28th). Omar Hassan Abu Al-Nile, 12, “Succumbed to his injuries”, the ministry said in a statement. He … Read more

Ben & Jerry’s to no longer sell ice cream in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories

In Jerusalem (Israel), July 20, 2021. AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP The press release is written in a font with round, childish letters, against a background of azure clouds, characteristic of the universe of the American brand. It is nonetheless highly political: “Ben & Jerry’s will end the sales of our ice cream in the occupied … Read more