“Facebook is an aging network looking for a makeover. He thinks he has found her in a parallel universe “

Mark Zuckerberg on October 28 speaking to his avatar on the Metaverse. FACEBOOK / VIA REUTERS Chronic. Is Mark Zuckerberg escaping into the metaverse? The brilliant inventor of the largest social network in the world opportunely announced, Thursday, October 28, that his company would change its name and be called Meta to concretize its commitment … Read more

Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart, different styles and parallel careers – Celebs.Cool

They were born six days apart, and although apparently these two actresses seem to be separated by many things, deep down they have a lot in common. They are Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart. The first turns 30 today, and the second reached this figure last Thursday. They are two outstanding actresses, who have the … Read more

We Should Consider Parallel Mothers As The Best Performance Of Penelope Cruz

By Alberto Cano.- There is no doubt that Pedro Almodovar He is one of the most prestigious filmmakers in the world. Throughout 22 films, the La Mancha director has consolidated a career full of awards, accolades and stories that have marked viewers from all over the world, from the most intimate and personal dramas to … Read more

Between The Planets embark on a journey to the subconscious on the album “Parallel World”

The landscape of instrumental metal hides many dangers. Narration using only tones, melodies and musical structures is a discipline on which many groups have broken their teeth. However, the domestic Between The Planets, who returned after four years with the new album “Parallel World”, successfully managed this task. The project Between The Planets, it is … Read more

‘Parallel Mothers’, ‘Mediterrneo’, and ‘El Buen Patrn’, Preselected to Represent Spain in the Scar

‘Parallel mothers‘, from Pedro Almodvar; ‘Mediterranean‘, from Marcel Barrena, and ‘The good patron‘, from Fernando Len de Aranoa, have been the three films chosen by the academics of Spanish cinema of the 48 possible to start the race to the scar. In an act presided over by the notary Federico Gayaral, the actress Vernica Echegui … Read more

The Best Films That Never Existed: ‘Nestflix’ And ‘Multiversal +’ Create A Parallel Universe With The Cinema We Always Wanted To See

If all the current fashion of superheroic multiverses (whose origin in Marvel goes back to the early eighties at the hands of Alan Moore and in DC goes back to the 40s) has taught us something, it is that it is a perfect method to rehearse alternative visions of well-loved characters, posing stories that continuity … Read more

‘Parallel Mothers’, By Pedro Almodóvar, Will Open The Venice Film Festival

Parallel mothers, the new movie of Pedro Almodovar, will open on September 1 on Venice film festival. The film will compete in the official section of the 78th edition of the Mostra, which will run until September 11. Just a day before, the feature film will hit Spanish theaters. “I was born as a director … Read more

The “metaverse” or the crazy dream of a parallel universe of all possibilities

Futuristic concert by Travis Scott, on “Fortnite”, in April 2020. BACKGRID UK/ BESTIMAGE When they saw the announcement of the latest fundraiser from video game giant Epic Games, the less geeky observers must have scratched their heads. This April 13, 2021, the American company, at the initiative of the game Fortnite, claimed that this inflow … Read more