for the tenth day in a row, thousands of indigenous protesters paralyze the capital Quito to denounce the cost of living

Indigenous protesters march for the tenth day in a row in the streets of Quito, under a state of emergency, in Ecuador, on June 22, 2022. VERONICA LOMBEIDA / AFP Thousands of Ecuadorian natives marched on Wednesday, June 22, through the streets of Quito for the tenth day in a row. This increasingly tense standoff … Read more

NASA Attacks Jeff Bezos And His Greed To Paralyze The Return To The Moon

Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos have undertaken a court battle against NASA which is endangering the rreturn of humans to the moon by 2024. And all because of a miscalculation of Bezos’s own space company. NASA opened a competition to award a multi-million dollar contract to build the lunar lander for its Artemis program. Blue … Read more