NASA opens patent library to students for development of new business ideas

Patents owned by NASA now open for students to explore Briona Arradondo reports TAMPA, Fla. – NASA is partnering with Hillsborough Community College and the University of South Florida to allow students to view its roster of patents and see what they can turn into business models that solve real-world problems related to the environment, … Read more

When a patent disrupts post-quantum innovation

Screenshot of a serious game,, made by part of the Kyber team, finalist in the NIST competition, intended to explain how their quantum computer resistant encryption algorithm works. INRIA / DIGITAL CUISINE / CWI Wanting the butter and the money of butter, French research might have neither. A complicated history of patent, held by … Read more

Alphabet gives some Loon patents to SoftBank, open sources flight data and makes patent non-assertion pledge

Alphabet’s Loon was a stratospheric moonshot that saw the company fly high-altitude balloons to provide cellular network coverage to target areas. The project broke a lot of new ground — including developing technology that enabled balloons to navigate autonomously and stay in one area for long stretches of time — but ultimately came to an … Read more