122 new infections, 67 hospital treatments (+5) – also urgent treatment of non-Covid19 patients restricted, incidence rises to 301.63, two corona violations in restaurants, 729 vaccinations – you are Halle

New infections 7 day incidence Patient in hospital Intensive-Treatments Deaths 122 (+53 *) * in comparisonto the previous week 301,63 (+22,2 **) ** in comparisonthe previous day 67 (+5) 20 (-1) – The traffic light that describes the situation in the hospitals is yellow. The following definition is established for the traffic light color yellow … Read more

Conduct by the IHU of Marseille of unauthorized trials on patients: the courts seized

Marseille University Hospital Institute (IHU), June 14, 2021. NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP For years, the University Hospital Institute (IHU) of Marseille has taken liberties with regard to the rules governing research carried out on humans. Drift “Not eligible”, publicly reacted the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), Wednesday, October 27, … Read more

Parisian gynecologist targeted by “rape” investigation disputes accusations of former patients

In front of Tenon hospital, October 2, 2021. The head of the tenon gynecology and obstetrics department is accused by several patients of performing vaginal and rectal examinations brutally and without asking for consent. AGNÈS DHERBEYS / MYOP FOR “THE WORLD” “If the word of the complainants must be heard, it constitutes neither an absolute … Read more

Renowned Parisian gynecologist disputes accusations of former patients

Two complaints were filed against the gynecologist, a specialist in endometriosis. The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation at the end of September for “rape by a person having authority over a minor over 15 years old”. Article written by Posted the 10/10/2021 20:11 Update the 10/10/2021 20:11 Reading time : 1 min. A renowned … Read more

The painful marathon of patients with a long Covid

Professor Dominique Salmon-Ceron, infectious disease specialist at Hôtel-Dieu, examines a patient in Paris, September 6, 2021. MARIN DRIGUEZ FOR “THE WORLD” More than a year and a half after the start of the pandemic, the long Covid-19 remains a mystery. Yet accustomed to observing post-infectious symptoms, the doctors were baffled by the arrival, from May … Read more

severely immunocompromised patients desperately awaiting protective treatment

A scientist works on monoclonal antibodies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 14, 2020. JUAN MABROMATA / AFP « From February 2020, with the outbreak of the pandemic, we felt the wind of the ball pass. Since then, we have been living in cloisters, we are voluntary lepers. In danger of death, most of us experience … Read more

In Bron, an approach of psychiatry which favors the “recovery” of patients

By Sabrina El Mosselli Posted today at 11:00 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageA pioneer of “psychosocial rehabilitation”, Professor Nicolas Franck, from the Vinatier hospital in the Lyon suburbs, wants to shake up the treatment of mental illnesses and the image of psychiatry. It is in Bron, in the Lyon suburbs, within the Vinatier hospital, … Read more