Balinese pianist, Erik Sondhy tries to penetrate the national market : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After making music in Bali, pianist Erik Sondhy tried to penetrate the national music industry. Erik has actually presented several works such as the Erik Sondhy Project (ESP) and released his first album, Introducing Trio 07. In 2012, Erik Sondhy Project worked with a trio called the Karma Jazz Trio, which has members … Read more

Berlin: With clearing armor and chainsaw – police penetrate left-wing autonomous “Köpi”

SSharp lances, chainsaws, clearing vehicles – with ever greater caliber, the police attacked the fence around the “Köpi” in Berlin on Friday morning. The barricades of the left-wing autonomous car camp held for about an hour, then the police broke through the fence in several places. There is a smell of burned plastic in the … Read more