How does the pension affect our health?

Dhe retirement at 67 is one of the most controversial reforms of the past decades. While the Left Party, for example, wants to lower the statutory retirement age to 65, it is not only many economists who are calling for retirement even later, with a view to demographic change. Most of the debates are about … Read more

So the future traffic light coalition wants to secure the pension

The SPD, FDP and the Greens agree: They want coalition negotiations, a traffic light coalition should come. One topic plays an important role there: securing a pension. The parties’ promises for the pension were great: SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, for example, issued a pension guarantee, the Greens wanted to turn the basic pension into … Read more

On October 20 Elections Are Held For The Retirement And Pension Fund For University Professionals | Daily Change

By Alexander RuppelOn October 20, the Authorities Elections of the Retirement and Pension Fund of University Professionals 2021 will be held. In this sense, Dr. Blauco Rodríguez, a member of list 35, expressed. “This is a very important issue, it must be taken into account that in Uruguay there are about 100,000 professionals who by … Read more

In Chile, the Covid-19 shakes the funded pension system

Demonstration against pension fund administrators, in Santiago, Chile, in December 2020. IVAN ALVARADO / REUTERS It was in the heart of the southern winter, in July 2020. Endless queues stretched out at dawn in front of financial institutions: Chileans flocked to claim part of their retirement savings, after a decision history of Parliament giving the … Read more

Jean Castex announces that the “conditions are still not met” to initiate the pension reform

The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, at the end of the government seminar which was held on September 8, in Paris. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Pension reform? It is not for now. This is the meaning of the announcement by the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, at the end of a back-to-school government seminar on Wednesday, September … Read more