Ricardo Araújo Pereira: «Rui Costa was excellent with the Benfica shirt, but with the tie…» – Benfica

11:06 Humorist did not hide meaning to vote Ricardo Araújo Pereira has already voted for pavilion No. 2 of Luz and, as I had already realized, ‘repeated’ last year’s vote on Francisco Benítez. Booed by one or another member passing by while talking to journalists and hearing “Rui Costa” countless times, the comedian spoke at … Read more

Ricardo Araújo Pereira – Implacable with the owner of TSF: “Where the sun doesn’t shine, that’s where I could put my name”

Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Carlos Vaz Marques, João Miguel Tavares e Pedro Mexia returned to the antenna of SIC News this Friday night, September 3, after the traditional summer vacation period. However, the name of the format, which was called “shadow government” since 2008, it has changed, as we had already revealed to it, now being … Read more