New Bachelor 2022: Permit, Dominik Stuckmann – age, profession, height & hobbies

RTL>broadcasts>show> December 27, 2021 – 8:25 am Clock As “The Bachelor” in 2022, Dominik wants to make history Dominik Stuckmann wants to “write his own story” in 2022 – as 12th Bachelor at RTL! He is a successful businessman, an ambitious athlete and not only at home in Frankfurt am Main, but also under the … Read more

House of Representatives Reduces Immigration Plan to Temporary Protected Status with Travel Permit | Univision Immigration News

Eight months after passing two bills that included a path to citizenship for millions of dreamers, holders of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and farm workers, the House of Representatives lowered immigration expectations to a temporary residence that will allow the beneficiaries travel and return while maintaining the same status. The new clause was added to … Read more

justice suspends the building permit for a training pool in Aubervilliers

Destruction of the Aubervilliers gardens facilities, September 2, 2021. OLIVIER DONNARS / LE PICTORIUM / MAXPPP The Paris administrative court of appeal suspended, Monday, September 20, the building permit for a swimming pool in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) intended to serve as a training pool for the Olympic Games (Olympics) in Paris in 2024 and which involves … Read more

The rental permit, this tool that more and more cities are seizing to fight against unworthy housing

Grande-Rue de Roubaix, a landlord rents unsanitary housing, April 13, 2021. THIERRY THOREL / PHOTOPQR / VOICE FROM THE NORTH / MAXPPP Disabling sleep merchants, those landlords who rent out unsanitary housing at high prices, requires lengthy, costly and uncertain legal proceedings. The law for access to housing and renovated town planning (ALUR law of … Read more

Bachelorette 2021: Permit, Maxime Herbord – Profession, Size & Co.>entertainment> Maxime Herbord is the 8th Bachelorette Now SHE is the focus: In 2018, Maxime Herbord was still collecting roses as a Bachelor candidate, but this summer she will change her perspective. The 26-year-old follows in the footsteps of Melissa Damilia, Nadine Klein & Co. and becomes the eighth Bachelorette! “I am now as happy … Read more

In Paris, justice cancels the building permit for the Thousand Trees project

The “Thousand Trees” project, Porte Maillot, in Paris. COMPANY OF PHALSBOURG, OGIC, SOU FUJIMOTO ARCHITECTS, OXO ARCHITECTS It was one of the twenty-two winning projects which was to “Reinventing Paris”, and even, for this one, to re-enchant the ring road since a building-bridge, planted with a thousand trees, was going to span the expressway and … Read more