Pfizer Announces Global Agreement for Unapproved Drug

A Pharmaceutical Pfizer this Tuesday announced a global agreement with a United Nations affiliated organization, ‘Medicines Patent Pool’, which allows other pharmaceutical companies to produce their experimental antiviral drug against covid-19, even if it is still there. has not been approved by the US regulatory agency. With this, Pfizer allows generic drug manufacturers to produce … Read more

investigates the failures of a Pfizer subcontractor during its phase 3 trial

Empty vials of Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA on November 6, 2021. HANNAH BEIER / REUTERS The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US drug agency, ignored the warning issued by Brook Jackson, ex-employee of Ventavia, a subcontractor of Pfizer for a small portion of the trial Pfizer-BioNtech Phase 3 Vaccine Clinic? This … Read more

When Pfizer demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the vaccine

through Zola. With time and several waves, we now have enough distance. Looking at what is happening globally, after 7 billion doses injected to date, we can compare the year 2020 without a vaccine with the year 2021 with the vaccine, compare the highly vaccinated countries and those that are less. . It is time … Read more

Corona: Kubicki hält Söders Forderung für „unverfroren und unsinnig“

FDP-Vize Wolfgang Kubicki hat eine Forderung von Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder an die Corona-Politik einer möglichen Ampel-Koalition scharf zurückgewiesen. Die Erklärung Söders, SPD, Grüne und FDP sollten im Bund den Rechtsrahmen für weitere Maßnahmen setzen, „ist unverfroren und unsinnig“, sagte Kubicki der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Söder wisse genau, dass jeder Landtag, darunter auch der bayerische, gemäß … Read more

Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19: its effectiveness against the risks of hospitalizations remains at least six months after the 2nd dose

These results, which come from a study published Tuesday in The Lancet , show, according to its authors, the importance of strengthening global vaccination and analyzing the effectiveness of the vaccine over time to decide which populations should be prioritized for booster doses. However, the effectiveness of the vaccine against the risk of infection decreases … Read more

Pfizer “highly effective”; Vaccinated layoffs vacancy

NIn recent months, much has been said about boosting vaccination. After the EMA has given the ‘green light’ to administer the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 to immunocompromised people, the Deputy Secretary of State and Health announced that the Portuguese over 65 will start receiving the booster in the next week. However, Portugal … Read more

FDA Authorizes Third Dose of Pfizer for Seniors 65+ and High-Risk Individuals | Univision Health News

Through a statement, the FDA noted that the announcement demonstrates that currently available science and data continue to guide its decisions for covid-19 vaccines during this pandemic. “After considering the totality of the available scientific evidence and the deliberations of our independent external expert advisory committee, the FDA amended the EUA for the Pfizer-BioNTech covid-19 … Read more

US authorizes third dose of Pfizer for people 65 and over

Dose of Pfizer, Los Angeles, August 7, 2021. PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP The United States authorized, Wednesday, September 22, the injection of a third dose of Pfizer-BioNtech anti-Covid vaccine for people aged 65 and over and for people with “Risk”, announced the United States Medicines Agency (FDA). The booster dose, the same strength as … Read more

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine: What Does Full Approval Mean for the US and the World? | Comirnaty | TECHNOLOGY

The United States on Monday gave full approval to the vaccine against COVID-19 of Pfizer / BioNTech for those over 16 years old, announced the regulatory authority, a measure that is expected to reinforce the vaccination strategy against the coronavirus in the country. SIGHT: US Grants Full Approval for Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine About 52% of … Read more

Vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are less effective against Delta variant

According to very recent information, the Delta variant is responsible for 100% of infections in all regions in Portugal. Being vaccinated against COVID-19 does not mean that you are fully protected. As we know, vaccines protect the severe form of COVID-19 disease and for that reason alone it is a huge advantage. A recent study … Read more