United States | Florida | Inexperienced passenger landed plane after pilot fell unconscious | WORLD

As if it were a movie! This is how the scene was seen that two passengers of a private flight had to experience that landed in an emergency in Florida (USA) this Tuesday, May 10. MIRA: US court rejects Trump’s request to reinstate him on Twitter Due to a condition suffered by the pilot, one … Read more

SpaceX Pilot Sian Proctor Talks About Her Journey—and Returning to Earth

Sian Proctor’s journey to space began in 1970, when she was born to a father who worked at a NASA tracking station during the Apollo program. She grew up in a home filled with NASA memorabilia and dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot so she could later be an astronaut. That dream was derailed a … Read more

The elite Canadian pilot who’ll be flying Virgin Galactic tourists to space

Janjua in front of the VSS Imagine, in Mojave, California, at the Virgin Galactic facility (Courtesy of Quinn Tucker/Virgin Galactic) Jameel Janjua calls them “future astronauts.” That’s partly corporate speak—Virgin Galactic’s preferred term for customers who pay upward of US$450,000 for tickets to the edge of space. But coming from Janjua, the phrase sounds believable. … Read more

Pilot Ayrton Senna tells his life and races in an unprecedented and interactive exhibition

Reading Time: 4 minutes The free exhibition runs until November 15 and brings an unprecedented clipping of Ayrton Senna’s story narrated in first person The unpublished exhibition “I, Ayrton Senna da Silva” tells details of the life of the Formula 1 driver, until November 15, from Tuesday to Sunday, at alternate times. The free exhibition … Read more

16-Year-Old Midwest Pilot Makes Successful Emergency Landing

Yes, you read that right. At just 16-years-old, a pilot faced with engine failure brought his plane down safely last night. It happened Sunday night near Yutan, Nebraska, which is just over 30-minutes west of Omaha. Just before 7 p.m. Sunday evening, the Yutan Volunteer Fire Department says they responded to the call of a … Read more

Sian Proctor makes history with Inspiration4 as first-ever Black female spacecraft pilot

Sian Proctor is making history as the first-ever Black female spacecraft pilot. Proctor, a geoscientist, artist and science communicator, has been paving the way in the space sector for decades. Now, years after being a finalist in NASA’s astronaut candidate program back in 2009, she is realizing her dream of becoming an astronaut as she … Read more

Wilnsdorf: Small plane crashes in the forest – pilot (25) dies | Regional

Burbach / Wilnsdorf – Fatal plane crash in Siegerland. The young pilot (25) died. It has only just gotten light when the emergency calls to the police and rescue control center pile up at 6:15 a.m. Residents in the Wilnsdorf area (Siegen-Wittgenstein district) saw a missile fall from the sky, and some of them heard … Read more

the pilot and his passenger died

What there is to know – A tourist plane from Marcq-Bondues aerodrome crashed around 4 p.m. near the aerodrome. – Two people, a pilot and a passenger, were on board and died. – This accident occurs nearly two months after a previous crash that left three people dead in mid-June. The direct: 6:14 p.m. Aircraft … Read more

What it’s like to fly to the edge of space, according to Virgin Galactic’s pilot

Unless you have six figures of spare change sitting in an ISA, chances are you won’t be joining the next generation of space tourists any time soon. This summer, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos briefly left the planet aboard his Blue Origin spacecraft and before him, Richard Branson fulfilled a decades-old promise to himself by flying … Read more

Bogotá Will Pilot For The Return To Concerts, Stadium And Nightclubs

Through a message published on social networks this Sunday, the mayor of Bogotá announced that this week It will be possible to have the indicators to establish whether the city will begin pilot tests for the opening of the stadium, and the return to concerts and discos. (Claudia López calls to be vaccinated in the … Read more