Nuclear Negotiations: Israel’s Plan B If Iran Don’t Negotiate

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Senate Democrats present Plan C for immigration reform to the Parliamentarian | Univision Immigration News

It includes a clause that creates a new program for some 7 million undocumented persons who have been in the country since before January 1, 2011, who will qualify for a temporary protection of deportation, a work permit and authorization to travel abroad and return with the same status. The project adds that, five years … Read more

Democrats get ready to deliver their “Plan C” with a third immigration proposal to the Senate ‘parliamentarian’ | Univision Immigration News

A Senate Democratic committee – headed by the office of Leader Charles Schumer – is preparing to meet this week with the Upper House’s top aide, attorney Elizabeth MacDonough, and formally deliver the so-called ‘Plan C’ immigration as part of the ‘budget reconciliation’ package that will be evaluated by senators. “Last week there was a … Read more

The mixed results of the training plan for the unemployed

At the Bondoufle learning center (Essonne), in September 2018. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP The government has made considerable efforts to train the unemployed, but the results of its action are, at this stage, mixed. This is what emerges from the report presented, Thursday, November 25, by the scientific committee responsible for evaluating the … Read more

The Arab “city at sea” construction plan. From the space technology center

The new urban development project, announced by Saudi Arabia as part of the development plan for the NEOM future region, envisages the creation of a one-of-a-kind “city at sea”. The idea called OXAGON is endorsed by the successor to the Saudi throne, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As quoted by The National News, it is the … Read more

SpaceX details plan to build Mars Base Alpha with reusable Starship rockets

For the first time, SpaceX has teamed up with researchers from NASA and several other US institutions to publicly discuss how it plans to use Starship to build Mars Base Alpha. Save for a handful of comments spread around the periphery of SpaceX and CEO Elon Musk’s main focus, Starship itself, the company and its … Read more

Protection plan for millions of undocumented immigrants advances in congress | Univision 19 Sacramento KUVS

“One of the aspects is that it will allow people who arrived before January 2011 to apply for a type of permit to be in the country for 5 years and renew them for 5 years. It would include a work permit and maybe travel abroad, ”explained Brian Lopez, an immigration attorney. President Biden’s plan … Read more

On tourism, the government launches an unprecedented but imprecise plan

Tourists visit the Château du Clos Lucé, in Amboise (Indre-et-Loire), on November 7, 2021. LP / AURELIE AUDUREAU / PHOTOPQR / LE PARISIEN / MAXPPP International trade fairs and cycle tourism. Travel agencies and start-ups. Nautical bases and small tourist trains. Peri-urban hotel industry and BTS Tourism. At the risk of sprinkling, the “Destination France” … Read more

Retirement savings plan: pay attention to the fees charged!

The saver must exercise the greatest caution when it comes to charges taken from his retirement savings plan. INGRAM / PHOTONONSTOP The retirement savings plan (PER) is a long-term savings product, so that with such an investment horizon, the costs play a considerable role. A little simple calculation is enough to be convinced. Suppose a … Read more